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  1. Regarding Williams mail : What ? Another queer gamer from northen Sweden who also listens to thumbs podcasts? Awesome! I live in Umeå and I think there's a pretty good support for the things you mentioned in your mail here. I was recently attending Global game jam on Humlab X which I believe is a space where people can converge and make stuff that's funded by the University. When I was attending we mostly stuck to free software like blender, Unity, and other stuff that doesn't need licencing. If you have a laptop I think you can sit in the library as well. I usually sit at the university on weekends. I have classmates that teach children to program in Scratch, there's game jams going on pretty much all the time and tons of free software so I don't see any problem in it. Or did I misunderstand your point?
  2. Man, exact ditto on the Soma question, I was scared to death in the game until I toughened up and just ran and took a death. Then I knew what the worst was and the rest of the game was pretty tame. And I was also on the verge of quitting , I mostly survived by streaming the game and being on skype with some friends watching. My favorite moment was when I was getting really cocky about the game. I grabbed a keycard and re-wrote it so it would open an elevator which the evil being was guarding. So I went to the computer , re-wrote the keycard but forgot to pick it up afterwards and freaked out when the monster was chasing me and I couldn't get the elevator open and then it hit me, I forgot the damn card, I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. And my friend told me he was laying on the couch watching me play and also freaked out when he saw me not pick up the card afterwards, he told me he was screaming to the monitor in vain in his living room. Great times... haha Good game, everyone should try it!
  3. I think Jake would love this ( because it's Mario 3 mechanics pushed far beyond what you need in a normal Mario 3 run) : Also if you though the Mario 64 commentary was bonkers I present to you Cosmos Ocarina Of Time Speedrun in 18:10 with full commentary, watch it , it's a treat! Especially if you know the game! 3D zeldas are really broken and fun to watch in my option xD
  4. Holy crap, this show is amazing, the talk about animation and then the talk about mechanics and what they mean and culture where all amazing. I wish I could be more constructive but my mind is kind of blown right now and in awe. It's kind of driving me nuts how great you guys are at articulating your thoughts (while still being super respectful to other opinions and doubting your own, are you guys sure this isn't scripted? xD), especially Rob, holy crap. Great show , keep it up guys! Also awesome that Jake could be on for a bit! More Jake for the people!
  5. Man this show, so happy, cozy, personal and wonderful! Keep it up guys! Loving it! Speaking of Christmas memories, me and my brother knew we where getting super smash bros for the N64. We saw the ridiculous commercial where the people in suits beat eachother up and where super excited to play it. Come Christmas and we were going away pretty far, about a 5 hour drive. When were almost there tragedy ensures, we forgot to bring the N64. Christmas ruined and we where inconsolable. Thinking back to it now though it's pretty funny
  6. Nice! The also fixed the Tigers pathfinding, finally! It was a nightmare before!
  7. Wow, great episode, love how intimate and personal this show is ! Makes me feel a lot better about being depressed and stuff A great addition to the Idle thumbs network, can't wait for the next episode! Great job guys!
  8. Just "finished" Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist. It was pretty entertaining and about what I expected, what I didn't expect though was a pretty hilarious discussion on the steam community page / discussions forum. Must have been the devs who put som postst there? No? Fun idea to extend the make-believe of the game to the discussions forum, if not them gg to the community on that one. Play it then check it out! Maybe you can figure out what that thing is... I still haven't gotten past the tiger....
  9. Yes, now I can finally add Nick Breedon to! I wonder where he works? Probably at Phaedrus.... I guess Jake would know (?)
  10. Random though: I was watching some games done quick videos and stumbled upon a Bomberman Hero race and it reminded me about it's awesome but pretty bizzare soundtrack. It's mostly drum and bass tracks and it's pretty darn good ( I love drum and bass!). And it got me thinking about other games that has dnb (drum and bass) tracks in it. The only one I could think of is System Shock 2 and that ios(?) game that Spaff once talked about on idle thumbs. I would be interested if anyone knew more games with "good" dnb tracks in it, just a random though! And it's pretty weird that almost every track in the game is drum and bass. Also everyone has to check out what bomberman says when he beats a level in the English ver, it's pretty hilarious! Even as a kid it was hilarious! I did it!?
  11. If I remember right kero blaster loops around after you beat it the first time and puts you in hard mode the second time . And if you beat it a second time you get a special super hard second final boss. I wonder if Chris made it there? Can't imagine playing the hardest parts on a phone though..
  12. Went here just for this, I Harry endorse this. Also kero is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a frog makes
  13. I think Chris is playing Ori in a unsatisfying way or a "wrong" way haha (just kidding). The way ( that I like to play) Metroidvanias is to run trough the game, maybe pick up some powerups that you find on the way then when you get all of your abilities you just get all of the stuff in the end and I find that part very satisfying . I had a blast running trough Ori. Just a bummer that you can't go back to some areas so I got 100% in every area except in one area that I can't go back to. But I get stuck in other stupid loops like sidequests or canvas of prayer quests in Lightning Returns or just doing every stupid thing Shadow Of Mordor before moving on to the second area. I just can't move on before I do them even if I know that I'm not optimizing my "fun" to time ratio The Moon Logo and the visual effects in Ori reminds me so much of The Swapper for some reason, is there any correlation or am i making that up? Also, finally a Nick Breckon soundboard!
  14. So on the topic of Orc dating sims... Apparently a writer named Mitch Alexander is making one called Tusks! And it actually seems to be really thoughtful and interesting! I think a demo is on it's way soon so I'll check that out Apparently it will feature a NSFW content on/off toggle and orcs with visible and invisible disabilities which is interesting The whole thing is in the link below, it's SFW.
  15. No Jake, strange . I will quit my job and make space dinosaur lesbian goes to Ed Hardys Disney World. Also I really agree with Chris's opinion about Bloodbornes visuals on this and the previous episode. I could barely finish watching the review footage because I found it looking so bland'ish. Really liked how demon souls and Dark Souls looked. But to be fair to Bloodborne I saw a really nice screenshot of a sunset desert thing so I guess I maybe just missed the pretty parts
  16. I don't know if this has been done yet but every time Chris or Jake mentions James prime my mind does this....
  17. The Pillows and FLCL are both fantastic! I got all misty eyed while driving between jobs and listening to the part where they talked about women and the poop industry after that guys mail. You guys should all run for president! Exept Breckon, he's in a league of his own!
  18. Yeah, I would love to hear that board meeting too! I imagine a big board meeting for a multi-million dollar company where old white duudes with cowboy hats meet for the financial report and then somebody tells them the news and their like : They're thinking what?! And then a cigar falls out of somebody's mouth. I sure hope it's modable!
  19. Great episode, Cara was great to! Damn it Idle Thumbs , stop reading my mind. Now I really want that Orc Dating sim, who was I supposed to harass on twitter to get that write-up? No but seriously as a gay guy I might or might not confess that the thing that nudged me over the edge of buying the game might or might not have been because of thinking that a afternoon wrestling with well sculpted and frivolously dressed orcs or (uruks or whatever) might have sounded like a good time. As always I'd like to think that people like me was on top of the marketing teams agenda and that people like me was their big target audience, because being who I am the first thing I though when seeing the screenshots of the game with ripped sweat gleaming orcs wearing little was huh.. that's pretty homoerotic, I'll probably buy that haha. Anyways it's always fun to hear that other people think of things like that too. Makes people like me feel a little less gross/crazy/weird (I might still be xD, but at least cool people are too!). Also now I really feel like checking out the first tomb raider Also I like that I always just come in and comment on gay stuff haha Edit: I think what I was trying to say above was that I like it when people like Cara comes in and brings some variety ( and Danielle like somebody else mentioned earlier) . Not that the core thumbs crew is bad or anything, variety is just a good thing most of the time I was also wondering whether or not developers are aware of their game is coming of as homoerotic or not. As for me Cara and the other person she was talking about it seemed like a no brainer, and it was probably one of the first things I though about when I saw the game. But I can only speak for myself and it might be one of those you recognize your own "flaws" in others really easy type of things. I don't know but it seems pretty obvious to me and it seems pretty strange that that a whole company would collectively be like , yeah, give em less clothes and make the orcs beefier. Because it's cool? And that's what our demographic thinks is cool? And no-one reflecting about how other types of people would react to it. But hey , I'm not complaining , it's just uh... interesting that what teenagers find cool and exciting and what makes for an interesting game system sometimes collides with what a 25 year old gay guy finds slightly arousing? Haha And few seems to comment or notice it xD But then again it's the video game business so it's probably steeped in tons of politics and secrecy so even if someone did I'd probably not find out about it. But it's still interesting and fun to think about i guess? Anyways, I'm just rambling now, *big bird noise* baboo, Nick Breedon.... back to Idle Thumbs xD
  20. Regarding the Bioware romance discussion, I found some pretty great talks from David Gaider and other people from Bioware from Gaymer x and x2 on the topic so I'm just going to leave them here if anyone is interested. There's some other really good talks too from the convention so if you're interested in the subject I would highly recommend that you check them out! Here's one from Bioware with the title " Building a better romance" Here's another one with Bioware about creating romances I also enjoyed this one from Salsa Bear Studios titled "Bridging the Gap - Representing Character Diversity Outside of Extremes" And here's GaymerX's youtube chanel if you're interested in more talks, I found most of them pretty interesting! I just found it amusing that at the beginning of this thread I was pretty confused and it turns out there was talks answering most of my questions floating around on the web, who knew? Also what is this thing that Danielle brings up on the episode and maybe a few of you here to about Bioware not having many queer writers or something? David Gaider's who's the lead writer is gay as far as I can tell and judging from their talks at least most of the people there seem queer or super queer friendly. Seems like a nice and queer friendly place to work but maybe the issue was queer writers and maybe they only have one?
  21. I somewhat agree with you but I don't think just because something is hard you shouldn't attempt it. I think Bioware did a pretty good job in DA:I. I mean making characters and interactions that appear human in games is really hard and I think Bioware has come a long way since they started making these games. I also think that games are really good at establishing an "agreement" of sorts between the game and the player where the game says - Well this isn't exactly how things work in reality but making it like reality would be really hard/expensive/time consuming so I (the game) will just model this aspect of life in a slightly simpler/different way because of reasons just mentioned - Is that ok? And if you accept that then you can at least probably enjoy it and interact with it with that in mind? Because in the end how should you model a romance system in a game where things have to be systemic when in real life it isn't quite that simple? Like Gormongus said making it more complicated (or realistic) often means that most people will find it frustrating or create compulsive behaviors (like love in real life ? haha) Anyway... I feel like a Bioware lobbyist right now but I just think that people who try to do these things should be commended because it's probably not a easy thing to try to do. But that doesn't mean they are free of criticism of course. Are we getting into the - should video games try to model reality argument here? Anyways I just woke up and saw this and started typing... God morning... and a happy new year or something!
  22. Interesting! Yeah I totally agree on the waifu / husbando thing but I guess it's because of the expectations nowadays that every choice will have it's own side quest and animations and writing and that's probably expensive to make. Therefore choosing the outcome that the most people will enjoy because it's to expensive/ time consuming to make the other scenarios? Where as before you could just have a dialogue tree and when you chose one the guy in your party disappeared and then a screen of text explained why? But maybe that wasn't the case in Baldur's gate 2?
  23. Hmm, interesting, I can see how you could feel that way and it's pretty hilarious if you look at it that way but personally I don't really think of it that way. Though as stated if you look at it that way it's pretty creepy / hilarious. Maybe it's because I'm so stoked over being catered to and I never feel like the bad-ass that Bioware often intends you to feel like (I always feel out of character when my guy becomes confident leader guy). So instead of feeling like I alter people for my own ends I'm stuck at the Ah! Sempai noticed me state. hehe That comic was pretty hillarious though
  24. Yeah, same here, I was pretty deep in the Bull relationship and asked Vivian if we could start seeing each other (the heart icon) just for kicks and she replied something like - Oh dear no (or something like that). But then again maybe I just hadn't given her enough spell-books :/ Interesting read in the link by the way!