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  1. I see you point but personally I don't think I would care so much. Maybe if everyone was bi it would make it less impact full but compared to having one bad option I would rather take that everyone is bi since you only get together with one in a play trough anyway so you wouldn't notice the rest. But I do get what you are saying and something in between would probably be best. I'm just speaking as someone who got pretty bummed out in ME:3 when your only (?) homosexual option as a guy was mopey dude who lost his husband (maybe Kaidan too or someone , but I didn't like him either). In that case I would rather have seen that someone like Garrus was bi so you could romance him as a guy. :/ Because in the end I just romanced smart asari woman since no guy who i enjoyed was available. But as I said something in between is probably the best approach, or ? What do you think?
  2. Woah, thanks for the link, really good read, didn't expect that!
  3. Just to clarify something about my mail regarding The Iron Bull , I didn't mean to say that traits that are often associated with the "feminine" (such as being able to show sadness (which isn't a bad thing and the Iron bull does that too!)) where a bad thing I was just extremely excited to see some diversity in the representation of queer characters in a game. And especially a triple A game! I don't know, right now I'm just super excited and that might not allow me to see things straight (heh) but what do you guys think if The Iron Bull and the general representation of queer people in video games? As described I wasn't super thrilled about ME:3 where you could date the sad guy who lost his husband recently as a male. Not that there's something wrong with that I just though that generally that's not considered a attractive trait. And I could just be reading things wrong but most of the characters in ME where kind of capable and than there's the sad guy that you have to console, off course he's the gay romance option. Or like the skinny elf or another stereotype that commonly associated with being gay and apparently weaker and less capable than the rest. That's why Iron Bull was so exciting to me because he's clearly as capable and strong as the others and as Danielle described it the game treats your choice to date Iron Bull as respectfully as if you would romance any other character in the game. It's like Bioware saying - So you're a guy who want to date the huge guy with horns? Sure why not, there's nothing wrong with that. And for me that's a first for a huge triple A RPG blockbuster type of game. So Is this the case or have games been doing this forever and I've just magically missed it somehow? And do we think that this trend will catch on and continue or is it just Bioware being awesome this once? I also found it really amusing and great that if you don't romance Dorian and Iron Bull they can get together (if you have them in your party they can banter about how they're seeing each other (which is adorable!)). Again this fells like Bioware saying - there's nothing wrong with a huge guy with horns and a guy with a funny mustache to get together (and it's also kind of a love solves war story because they're from different sides (which is kind of sweet!)). This also made me think about the internal discussion and intentions at Bioware behind the decision of including this kind of stuff. I mean most triple A games strive for the safe route to make as much money as possible while minimizing costs as the costs of making these games are pretty huge. But as far as I know the "safe route" hasn't previously included having gay romances happen in your party. I guess my question is why you guys think that Bioware is including these kind of things in the game, it doesn't seem reasonable that it's due to financial profits because.. well... the gay/bi/trans people is a minority. Even tough I know I pretty much bought the game pretty much exclusively because of the interesting representation of queer people I can't Imagine that people like me make up a huge part of sales? Maybe the people working at Bioware just wanted to do it or have a staff where queer people have major roles and they want to promote things that they enjoy and they feel lacking in games in general? This question have been baffling me since I finished the game. I don't know the answer but the decision whatever it's intent to include this stuff makes me it makes me really happy, what bout you guys , any thoughts? - Andy
  4. Oh man! Great episode guys! I've seen the series before but I still got bummed out after listening to the spoilers, so if you're senile like me don't listen to the spoilers even if you've seen it before Also thanks nj00s for clarifying the Norwegian thing. I'm a Swede but I couldn't tell if the accent was real or not. Also a Swede asked question... weird Scandinavian coincidence xD. Also my mom was watching this when it was airing and waiting to deliver me and my brother which explains a lot of things. When I first watched the show and still today I I'm fascinated fascinated how my "boring" and ordinary parents and everyone they knew watched this because it was the big thing on TV. And boy is it bizarre and strange at times, must have been interesting for a audience who ordinary don't experience strangeness like this to suddenly be attacked by it, unexpectedly too! It feels as if it aired today that kind of demographic wouldn't watch this kind of thing but I might be wrong. Anyway, first post, hello to all of you! I've almost listened to all Idle thumbs episodes twice because my previous job was boring and allowed me to do so