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  1. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Not sure if this has been posted here, but this is especially relevant given this is a video games based podcast. Someone recreated the city of Twin Peaks in Cities Skylines. How Cool!?!?!
  2. I gotta say, the moment Ben enters Jerry's office, I knew we were going to be in for a treat. I was not disappointed. Throwing Dr. Jacobi in there to cheer on Jerry was fantastic. Then the industrial fan & flag to top it all off. I really expected Jerry to jump up beside him to sing along. The episode then goes full on "Twin Peaks Mode," At least until the next scene with James. A couple of other observations. What was with General Briggs' complete ham-bone "faint" and then subsequent utterly useless information he brings to the law? The best laugh in this episode: The newspaper headline that came over the wire. "ASIAN MAN KILLED" Holy smokes I nearly fell off the couch. Man, even in the 90's I don't think that would be the kind of thing you'd see as a newspaper headline.