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  1. I am a million episodes behind, but I finally listened to this one today and immediately googled pissing calvin tattoos, only to find this beauty. This article was posted two years ago, and the image of this particular tattoo was under the heading Calvin Peeing on Kokopelli...while it is clearly Calvin Pissing on Hatchet Man of ICP Fame. Link to Article:
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey y'all, I am a long time gamer, and I just discovered the Idle Thumbs podcast. Far and away my favorite video game podcast. I have been looking for an awesome online community to get involved in, and I constantly hear that these forums are superb. I look forward to talking video games with you guys and getting to know all of you! Toodles90 You can add me on PSN or Xbox Live, if you would like. My screenname is my name on both sysytems.