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    Same with me.Just not a fan of the flight controls. I had the same problem trying to play Luftrausers last year. Really wanted to like both of those games, but I stopped an hour in because of the controls. With BoI: Afterbirth out too, I put down Galak-Z.
  2. If you are new to Arena, I'd definitely recommend it. When I first started playing Arena a year ago I used Trump's tier lists while drafting, and a site like Hearth Arena feels like an extension of that. It not only teaches you the value of the cards versus others, but also helps you building a deck by making sure you have a good curve. I use it every now and then and 95% of the picks are usually what I would pick without help, but sometimes it will choose a card based on deck synergies that I wouldn't have picked up on.
  3. Sandman#1820. I generally finish seasons around rank 8-10. Highest I've been was 4, but I mostly play arena since I find it more enjoyable than the ladder. I get sick of playing Face Hunters every third game so a lot of my decks are built more control oriented to help combat that. I've been playing a lot of Priest and Warrior lately since the life gain makes it tougher for the hunters to close out the game.