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  1. In response to Clyde Bink's email about playing a different version of The Sad Story of a Modern Idiot; it sounds to me that he did in fact download the wrong game. The game he describes sounds exactly like Memory of a Broken Dimension. A super cool game everyone should check out. The version currently on itch is a prototype/proof-of-concept and the full game is expect to drop sometime this year.
  2. Is this still around? The last event scheduled in the Steam group was for MNC in October.
  3. Have you guys changed something with how you make the mp3 files? 179, 181 and 182 don't have any metadata and when I convert them into an m4a file for my Nintendo DSi (Yes, really. It's the only portable player I have.) 179 and 182 stutters every few seconds. The stuttering issue only shows up on my DSi. On my PC both the mp3 and my converted m4a files work fine.
  4. Here's a semi-quick guide for you guys. There is a in-game tutorial and I highly recommend you play it but it only covers the basic rules and how to play as the Assault. I'm leaving finer details out, like what each upgrade for each skill does. Figure some things out on your own ya lazy bums! The Pros: Pros are MNC's version of classes or heroes. All pros have 2 weapons, 3 active skills and a passive skill. All guns have primary and alt-fire options and the alt-fire on secondary weapons are all grapples, an attack the locks you and the opponent into an animation but deals damage when it ends. Pros can spend the money they earn during a match to buy upgrades to their skills. Unlike Lords Management heroes, you can change Pros while you're in respawn. The Assassin: Primary weapon: Dagger: Primary fire is a melee attack and secondary is a grapple that deals more damage if you initiate from the back of your target. Secondary: Shuriken launcher: Fires ninja stars the bounce off surfaces. The shuriken launcher shares a grapple cooldown with the dagger. 1) Dash: Move faster for a short period of time. 2) Cloak: Turn translucent and stops robots and turrets from shooting at you. IMPORTANT: This is not like the TF2 cloak. You don't turn completely invisible to enemies and you make a loud noise while cloaked. 3) Smoke bomb: Blinds pros and disables bots and turrets for a few seconds. If you jump right after using it you jump super high. The Assault: Primary: Assault rifle: Primary fire shoots bullets and secondary fire activates iron-sights to improve accuracy. Secondary: Grenade launcher: Fires grenades that bounce off surfaces. 1) Bomb: Press once to throw a bomb that sticks to surfaces and enemy pros. Press a second time to detonate. 2) Fly: Hover in the air for a short time. 3) Charge: Dashes forward dealing damage and knockback to everything in his path. The Gunner: Primary: Minigun: Works just like the one from TF2. Secondary: Mortar: Lobs explosives. 1) Slam: Damages and knockbacks everything around him. Slamming directly onto a pro is an instant kill. 2) Deploy: Locks the Gunner to one spot but greatly improves his accuracy. 3) Grapple: Separate from the grapple on the secondary weapon. The Sniper: Primary: Sniper rifle: Primary fire shoots bullets and secondary fire is a scope. Only weapon that can headshot for bonus damage. Secondary: SMG: It fires bullets. 1) Flak: Throws a grenade that hovers in the air and deals damage around it. 2) Traps: Traps are thrown on the ground and slows enemies that walk over them. 3) Grapple: Separate from the grapple on the secondary weapon. Spins opponents around so they face away form you at the end. The Support: Primary: Heal/Hurt Gun: Primary fire heals allied pros, bots and turrets. Secondary fire saps health from enemies and heals you. Secondary: Shotgun: It is a shotgun. 1) Hack: Improves the performance of turrets and your Firebase. 2) Firebase: A deployable turret. Can only have one active at a time. They can be picked back up if you want to move it. 3) Airstrike: Throws an airstrike beacon. After a few seconds an explosive traveling down from the skybox explodes on the first surface it touches. The Tank: Primary: Jet gun: Primary fire is a giant sustained flame that sets enemies on fire. Alt-fire is the "Death Blossom." Death Blossom makes the tank spin in place dealing damage and igniting enemies all around him. The damage delt by Death Blossom is proportional to the amount of ammo left in the clip. Secondary: Railgun: Very accurate shot that pierces multiple enemies. 1) Product Grenade: Throws a grenade that disables turrets and bots. Pros will have their vision obscured. 2) Deploy: Locks the Tank to one spot but improves the range of his jet gun. 3) Charge: Dashes forward and deals damage and knockback along the way. The Bots: Every few seconds Blackjack and Slim bots spawn and travel toward the other side of the arena. They will fight pros, bots and turrets they encounter along the way. Additional robots can be spawned for a nominal fee. On the Uncle Tulley's Funland map any kind of bot can be purchased. All other maps restrict the type of bot that spawns to your Pro. Killing a robot awards money and will often cause various pickups to spawn. Some bots can be grappled. Slim: Tiny robot that has low health and fires a low damage laser. Blackjack: Human sized robot that has more health, deals more damage and also uses a melee attack. Bouncer: Bouncers charge toward pros to try to grapple them. If their grapple is on cooldown they will use a melee attack instead. Gunners and Tanks spawn them. Buzzer: Small flying robots that suicide bomb Pros. Assaults spawn them. Gapshot: Slow moving artillery robot that fires at enemies. Supports spawn them. Gremlin: Tiny cloaked robots that target pros. Assassins spawn them. Scrambler: Saps energy from abilities and has a weak melee attack. Snipers spawn them. Jackbot: A giant robot that fires rockets and can also slam the ground to create a knockback shockwave. They have high health that regenerates and can only be successfully grappled by Snipers and Assassins. And other Pro that tries to grapple them will (humorously) fail. Can only be Pro-spawned on the Uncle Tulley's Funland map. Map features: Jump Pads: Launches you toward another platform. They require a $50 purchase to activate but once they're activated they stay that way for the rest of the match. The Annihilator: Located at the center of every map, the Annihilator is a game changer. It will lightly damage enemy pros, severely damage Jackbots and destroy all other types of bots. Once it been activated it requires a 3 minute cooldown before it can be used again. Ejectors: Typically located in the middle of bot lanes, Ejectors will deal light damage but deal huge knockback to anything caught in its radius. These can easily knock you off the arena! Bot Spawners: When your bots spawn from. In front of each spawner is an activator that can be used to spawn additional bots. On the Uncle Tulley's Funland map, there's a button for each kind of bot that you can spawn rather than one button that spawns a bot keyed to your current Pro. Bullseye and Juice Bot: Every 5 minutes one of the two will spawn near the center of the map around the Annihilator activator. When shot at, Pros will earn money and causes Bullseye or Juice Bot to drop pickups. They leave after 30 seconds and when they do a Jackbot for each team will spawn. Juice Bot is just a reskin of Bullseye. There is no functional difference between the two. Chickey Cantor: On Uncle Tulley's Funland, Chickey Cantor will spawn in a tiny area on the side of the map instead of Bullseye or Juice Bot at the Annihilator. Chickey will peck at pros that enter her arena and after a few attacks she'll wind up for a slam that sends a large knockback that's guaranteed to ring you out of the arena unless you jump over it. After a slam she'll be stunned for a few seconds and is vulnerable to grapples. A successful grapple will deal 50% of her total health. Chickey is also hurt by weapons and non-grapple skills but grapples are by far the most effective method of taking her down. When she's defeated the team that dealt the final blow will receive a buff. Did you notice that this section started with a link?