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  1. Episode 414: Classic Year in Review: 1997

    Civil War Generals 2 is a favorite of mine also. In fact I think it actually out sold Sid Meier's Gettysburg initially... at least wikpedia's sales figures which have sources (granted Wiki so take it with a grain of salt) cited seems to indicate that. SMG had a much longer period where it was relevant in the marketplace but it seems the first 12-18 months CWG2 was very well received. Civil War Generals 2 remains relevant to this day in my view. Look at the Ultimate General campaign and compare it with the CWG2 campaign and I can't imagine that UG:CW didn't at least play some role in inspiring some of the campaign mechanics. I could be wrong of course but when I played UG:CW I immediately thought about CWG2's campaign, it seemed very familiar.
  2. Episode 376: Underrepresented Theaters and Conflicts

    I would really like to see Vietnam handled at the political and or theater level. Vietnam 1965 was ok but I'd like to see a game put you in the shoes of LBJ,Nixon, Westmoreland, or Macnamara. I can't think of any PC games that have done so in recent memory. I'd also love to see a PC adaptation for the Iran-Iraq war. That war is fascinating at so many levels and is a rare example of a "modern" war with "modern" technology being fought at a near total war level over an extended period of time. Most modern wars are either COIN or a big country beating up on a little one. Iran-Iraq is modern technology and roughly equal opponents with some really interesting political dynamics. The problem with that game is there's no "good guy" so no one wants to touch it because there's no one anyone wants to play as.