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  1. The podcast description made me fear there'd be a too strict theme and/or format but the teaser sounds like good ol' Thumbs without the pretense of being about video games
  2. I think "Add Friend" is more of a follow. I added you yesterday and can see your scores and such.
  3. My i7 6700k and 1070 keep a somewhat steady 60fps on dynamic detail set to high, with some dips to 40 in some areas in free roam. Races seem to run better, maybe because there's no traffic? Some crashes to desktop and one time the game locked up for 5s with sound looping. Nothing as bad as the Giant Bomb computer dropping to 20 on a 1080. Performance issues aside, this game is really good! Arcadey but with an interesting enough driving model and a good selection of courses and cars. And more serious racing games don't often let you drive around in a vomit-colored 70's Corolla or some other piece of shit like that. For some reason player created blueprints don't appear when starting a race, is that unlocked at a higher festival level or something? Not even sure what clubs gamertag is Horzma (and MS claims I've used my free change despite me not touching it since setting up a 360). I think Xbox friendships these days are one-way or something, not sure if you adding someone even shows up on their end?
  4. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    Yep, just came looking for this thread and looked at Idle Banter first.
  5. Nintendo 3DS

    Yep, I've spent a good amount of time looking at the SNES virtual console games on WiiU eshop wishing they'd be on 3DS instead. First 4 games (SMW, Earthbound, Super Metroid, LTTP) are instant buys at least. Not sure how well Mario Kart and F-Zero have aged and if I've ever played any Donkey Kong game except Donkey Kong JR on Game&Watch.
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    As a video games related sidenote, that Go AI project was lead by Demis Hassabis , co-designer and lead programmer of Theme Park among other things.
  7. Oxenfree

    I played this without knowing much about it beforehand and I really enjoyed it! Really atmospheric but a bit less spooky than I expected (that's not necessarily a bad thing). With this out and Firewatch around the corner, 2016 looks like a good year for talking simulators Stuff about the ending and some random thoughts:
  8. Her Story

    This may be the best detective game I've ever played. Reminded me a lot about what I've heard about Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. "Finished" it in 3 hours according to Steam (and 8 pages of paper), saw maybe 85% of the clips and could't find the right words for the rest. I'm pretty sure I figured out everything important though. I think I'll also take a look at Aisle over the weekend.
  9. Twin Peaks Discussion

    https://www.facebook.com/twinpeaksfest/posts/10152931308234580 Show is not officially dead but Lynch won't be involved...
  10. Non-video games

    We've played Archipelago a few times now and were pretty overwhelmed in the beginning. We couldn't even finish our first short game before people had to go home. It has loads of different mechanics but each one is super simple by itself and our second game went pretty smoothly already. There's still some stuff that's a bit confusing (like does the worker building a building occupy it after it's finished) and the manual could be better written but overall it's a pretty accessible game in the end. If you don't have it already, consider getting the War and Peace expansion. It's just 40 evolution card so it's cheap and small and some of the cards are pretty amazing if you want a more confrontational/chaotic game. And you can mix them with the default cards in whatever proportion or replace the default deck entirely. Also, 27 pages of board game talk and not a single mention of the best Civilization game? Bruce Geryk already said everything about it better than I ever could a few weeks ago: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2015/02/09/will-real-civilization-please-stand/ It's really good but takes a lot of time. A few house rules (time limits to trade turns and simulateneous turns when all parties agree) speed it up a bit though.
  11. I meant that you see the contents of the spoiler section in the edit view. I just immediately thought about the (unlikely) worst case scenario of a first time viewer quoting a post containing both questions to first time viewers and mega spoilers.
  12. Started watching about two weeks ago and just caught up with the cast. Forcing myself not to binge the rest of the show now. Didn't expect anything this dramatic or dark at this point of the season. The Netflix episode description says "Laura Palmer's killer is revealed" so that's not a surprise but I thought it'd be in the form of Cooper getting a new clue or something. My latest theory before this episode was that Bob jumps from hos to host. Was not sure who he'd been in when Laura died. Gerald doesn't seem to be aware of Mike (at least not completely) and I assume it works the same way with Bob and his hosts. I entertained the thought that maybe Bob entered Leland when his hair turned white. Maybe Bob was inside Jacques Renault and found a new host when he died. Doesn't seem very likely though. Bob being inside/around Leland all the time explains Maddy and Sarah seeing him around the house but I'm not sure how it fits into Maddy seeing him at Donna's house. Was Leland around when Bob killed his first victim in an another town. Ben Horn's lawyer probably does a fair amount of travelling. I knew that Tojamura was obviously a woman in a bad disguise and had been wondering when Catherine comes back. I still somehow could't make a connection between the two. I'm probably more stunned about that than the Leland/Bob reveal. I really don't know. Wouldn't that end Cooper's assignment in Twin Peaks? I'm under the impression that whatever comes between the Laura arc being wrapped up and the finale is not that great. This probably isn't super useful 15 episodes into the series and Laura's killer having been revealed but quoting a post seems to show you the stuff inside spoiler tags.
  13. So, how much do I need to play Ocarina of Time before Majora's Mask? I understand the games have some common characters etc. and you get more out of MM if you know them already? MM just sounds more interesting than OOT (not that OOT sounds bad or anything).
  14. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    Looks like if you have more than one controller plugged in, the game won't recognise any of them and won't allow you to change back without force quitting and deleting config files. Disabling other controllers from device manager got the gamepad working and it controls much better than KB/M. Also, home streaming works if you run Origin through Steam, so that's a plus for controller too.
  15. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Rayman Legends is pretty good, even though I'm not sure about the gamepad levels. And unlike first party titles, it might even go on sale occasionally. (my nintendo id thing is Horza0 , not that I'm playing any multiplayer stuff atm)