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  1. The best game of all time that would exemplify video games as a genre would have to be Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's a game that nearly anyone can play and enjoy. The sheer amount of creativity, variety, color and fun packed into the game is impressive. It's a game that when you are playing you instantly know you're playing a video game and it reminds you of why you enjoy playing video games. SMG2 strips all the baggage a lot of games have, no heavy story that tries to make the game a movie or book. No simulation aspect that tries to make you forget that you're playing a game. It's just pure mechanics, fun, and well crafted levels wearing the fact that it is a video game proudly on it's sleeve.
  2. There was some misinformation regarding Evolve 1. The human players don't immediately see the monster at the beginning of the match. The monster has around a 15-20 second head start to run away from the hunters. Odds are the players won't see the monster for several minutes. 2. The monster plays entirely in 3rd person, it would be much harder to play as the monster in first person since he has to keep track of 4 humans swarming all around him. I played mainly as the monster during the alpha and had a lot of fun. Lots of target switching and prioritization as the monster as you try to take out the medic and support classes first. You also have to be quick to respond to the individual tactics of good hunters. Also the part where Nick stated that the monster runs at the same speed as the hunters and they were just going around the mountain forever, the medic has a Tranq gun that severely slows the monster down for several seconds + outlines him through obstacles. A good medic will keep the monster tranq'd long enough for the trapper to put the dome up thus forcing the fight.
  3. From the way Danielle was describing the Evil Within it's apparent that she missed a lot of little clues that help the player understand what is going on. First of all you play as a detective and not a journalist, you also have 2 detective partners at your side. I'm not sure how you can misunderstand that part. The story is intentionally confusing sort of like Inception, you never know what is going to happen or where you'll end up. To me this makes the story more interesting and keeps me on my toes. I like when a story has a strong sense of mystery that propels me to continue playing so I can try to make sense of what is happening on screen. Make no mistake, there are lots of subtle clues that are going on that you won't fully understand until you beat the game.
  4. Knowing what you know about China, weird would be if China didn't censure media into their country. That's why Homefront and Crysis used North Korea as enemies instead of the Chinese. Battlefield 4 uses China as the enemy and as such is banned in China.
  5. China's influence was much more than just the extra scene. The script and various plot points had to be changed and vetted by Chinese censures to ensure that the film could be shown in China. China only allows 34 foreign films to be released in China every year, so blockbuster films are very cognizant of what they need to do to ensure that they are shown in China.
  6. Some critics may not have been a fan of the extra scenes but the fact remains that it's not "crazy" or weird. Every movie is filled with deleted scenes, scenes that could have been in the movie and were shot but for one reason or another never made it into the final edit. Some people were saying that Transformers 4 catered too much to the Chinese market by having a large portion of the film set in China. Whether people like it or not this will continue to happen as the asian market grows in influence.
  7. Not sure what's so crazy about Iron Man 3 adding in extra scenes for China. Iron Man 3 grossed $400 million in the U.S. It grossed $200 million in China and South Korea alone. It makes sense that the creators keep their audience in mind when they are making the movie. As a matter of fact there is very strong indication that the Chinese movie market may actually overtake the U.S. in box office over the next decade or two. When this happens you will see a shift in the amount of asians in mainstream movies. Also, I find it weird that the villian used in Iron Man 3 (Mandarin) who is Chinese is portrayed by a white guy in the movie. From my perspective there was not enough Chinese content in the American version.