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  1. Recently completed video games

    Got D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die as part of the Xbox Live subscription. It's unlike anything I have ever played before, I'm really confused what to really is or tries to be. I mean that in a positive way. If you are experiencing AAA-fatigue or have become disinterested in the current state of mainstream video game, check this game out. Can't guarantee that everyone will love it, but it will definitely be a strange and memorable experience. Hoping there will be more episodes released as it ends with an annoying cliffhanger. PS: This might the single only game where "better with kinect" might even apply!
  2. To be honest, the Uncharted 4 gameplay didn't blow me away. Looked like more of the same albeit with prettier graphics, which I guess is totally fine for some.
  3. Recently completed video games

    Completed Hitman:Absoluton just moments ago. Having only played Hitman:Contracts before, I don't consider myself being that much of a fantatic of the franchise. I did enjoy the game, it did not come across as a pure Hitman experience to me. Missions are a lot more linear and your hit alternatives are a lot more limited this time around. It feels like IO Interactive wanted to give the players the experience of a thriller or and action movie rather then relying on a set of game mechanics to experiment with, thus it makes it feel like Absolution is a bit of a step back for the series gameplay wise. I might come across a quite negative but I must admit I had a good time playing it,, despite its short comings. Controls were solid enough and graphics still are quite impressive for a 360 game. A great third person stealth game whilst at the same time being an underwhelming hitman experience.
  4. Recently completed video games

    August or September I believe.
  5. Recently completed video games

    Beat Dishonored today on the 360, I enjoyed it especially as a "freebie" through xbox live gold. I tried to approach it as stealthily and non-lethal as possible without abusing the save functionality. I appreciated it as a stealth game a lot more that way without feeling the compulsion of doing a perfect run of every mission, it felt a lot more dynamic and fun that way. The abilities were all fun to use, especially blink. The art and graphics are astounding, the world they built felt very immersive just looking at it. The story was ok albeit a bit predictable and suffering from a rather abrupt ending. Not sure either if I am a fan of the story telling being too reliant on audio diaries and notes scattered around the maps. Did like it a lot though, is the DLC worth buying?
  6. Recently completed video games

    ME3 was solid as an action game but deeply disappointing as an RPG. My main gripe wasn't the ending itself (though it was quite terrible), but the fact that very few of my choices throughout the trilogy actually had any real significant impact on the development of the story.
  7. Wasteland 2

    Played this for roughly an hour, liking what has been seen thus far. Characters seems to be fleshed out and writing has been engaging. I have read the RPS Wot I Think as well and haven't found the UI and crew management to be that finicky yet, I'll have to see for myself after a couple of hours more. I did increase the combats speed, pretty much always do that in cRPGs, slightly impatient when it comes to cRPG-combat. Definitely worth giving a try, already feeling I got my money's worth.
  8. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Considering to just drop KotOR for now, which surprises me a bit as I really like western RPG:s and did enjoy most of the Mass Effect trilogy. The intro was quite slow for me and I found Taris to be rather dull. I realize it was released in 2003, so I tried to keep that in perspective. It is quite remarkable how far narrative driven games have come on a technical level! I got a grasp of the RPG mechanics, though I'm not sure how well the turn based formula blended with the 3rd person perspective. It felt quite conflicting to me having played the original Fallout titles. My biggest issue with the game is the writing itself. The main story feels typically good vs evil, "you are the chosen one" etc. Yeah I know, it is a Star Wars game after all. Playing this made me conclude that while I might like the Star Wars universe as a concept, I really despise the execution of it. Full of clichés and predictable plot twists. The writing was disappointing to me as well, characters are either just way to whiney or simply badly written. I have not found HK-47 yet though so I might be missing out its better moments. All in all I found myself skipping through most of the dialogue. It mostly boils down to not having fun while playing it, and I find it hard to justify spending 40 hours on KOTOR for that reason. I'd rather spend that time on an RPG with better writing and more focused gameplay. Oh and Wasteland 2 is being released tomorrow!
  9. Recently completed video games

    Recently completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the PC. As a fan of the original Deus Ex I did not expect very much from it. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Regardless of more or less completely streamlining the RPG-mechanics, what was left was still a solid stealth shooter with some truly fantastic art direction and production value (apart from some truly horrible voice acting for some insignificant characters). Story was pretty good, would have liked to have some of the questions regarding ethics and human nature being fleshed out a bit more. Well worth giving a try if you haven't already, oh and definitely give the original a go! Onto KOTOR!
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hallå där! Hailing from and residing the modest nation of the Swedes. Currently a first year resident at medical school and struggling to find the time killing off my accumulated backlog. Been listening to the podcasts on and off for almost a year now. Finding them SUPER GOOD because hey, video games!