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  1. Autodesk previously only recommended professional cards for use with Maya, but they've become much more friendly toward consumer/gaming cards in the past few years (especially with the new viewport and DX11 support). I expect this trend will continue given how much they're investing in the Stingray engine and inter-op with Maya and Max. With that in mind, I don't think it's worth the money to purchase a Quadro or FirePro. For that matter, I don't recommend any AMD cards whatsoever. We have to use them at work and they're very capable at running the game engine, but every year it seems like we run into driver issues with apps like Maya. For that reason, I'd stick with a GeForce card. What kind of work is your girlfriend doing? Lots of high-res modeling? Animation? Any GPU rendering with stuff like Octane or V-Ray RT that would require tons of CUDA cores and memory on the card? Maya is a tricky beast in that throwing hardware at the problem won't necessarily improve performance. For example, slow animation playback can be the result of Maya's poor multi-threading for rig evaluation, or because the environment geometry needs to be baked into an Alembic cache. So many variables :/ That said, I'm running a 660 Ti 3 GB at home and don't have any issues. If your budget allows for it, something like the GTX 970 is probably a good fit (especially if she plays games or needs to run UE4/Unity). I don't think spending any more money will have tangible effects in most people's Maya workflows.
  2. Uncharted (4 and The Nathan Drake Collection)

    Anyone else pick this up? Never played the originals, but that story trailer pushed me over the edge. I finished Drake’s Fortune last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite feeling that the game was raw and unpolished. Every so often I’d find a small moment where everything came together and felt really good, sandwiched between plenty of frustrating bits. Looking forward to playing the sequels and seeing just how much Naughty Dog refined the experience over the years. p.s. Props to Bluepoint for a great remaster.
  3. Destiny

    I worked on various cinematics, primarily the Stranger’s Call sequence after you first meet the Vex, as well as other stuff (Crucible map intros, prototyping NPCs for the Tower)... arguably everyone’s favorite parts of the game I have a 28 Hunter and would be happy to raid with you guys sometime. Though despite what the trailer suggests, nobody on our raid team should play dubstep over the voice channel... little known fact that Atheon hates electronic music, y’all.
  4. Destiny

    I’ve spent the last few years of my life working on Destiny. Usually I play a lot of artsy indie stuff, so it’s a little dumb that I finally registered here to play the most expensive game of all time (not really) with fellow Thumbs. But hey... you run around on the moon and shoot wizards. I literally had to keep that fact secret for so long, my brain almost exploded. Also, my entire team now has entire conversations solely using the phrase “video games”, so congrats, I guess.