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  1. A Super Fun Quiz for everyone!

    Hello there and good day to you. I made this music quiz originally for another forum but them lot were hopeless so I thought I'd share it here. Don't be a silly sausage and put the answers in the thread, though feel free to post your frustrated ejaculations. You can PM the answers if you want, ill tell you if you're right and I'll announce the winner(s)/give answers in a week or so. The prize is self satisfaction. And a personal Woodfella congratulations If you guys find this fun we could all take it in turns to make one. That'd be cool. PS The pictures are not clues. They ARE randomly selected/funny/adorable/windows 7 sample pictures. Correct answers so far:
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched the greatest film of all time, Vertigo the other day. It was fine! Pretty good I suppose. I really love how those old films just end. Bang there's your ending now fuck off. No credits either cos they're at the start.
  3. The Asian Film Thread

    That's because nothing happens in it. I do love it though.
  4. The Asian Film Thread

    I got the same copy of Mahjong and abandoned it after 10 minutes. I've been watching more Asian films but they've mostly been Hong Kong action comedies. Me and my brother have been watching them on Saturday nights and having a lovely time. We've decided to watch as many Sammo Hung/ Jackie Chan films as we can. Eastern Condors, Wheels on meals and Mr nice guy are great fun
  5. The Asian Film Thread

    I watched In the mood for love today and thought it was quite wonderful. Looking forward to more Wong Kar Wai. I also watched the second half of The Wind Rises after falling asleep halfway through last night. It was fine, looked amazing obviously, I would have liked it more if I'd watched it in one I expect. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Yang Patrick.
  6. The Asian Film Thread

    The first one. Goodbye dragon inn it is not, you'll be relieved to know.
  7. The Asian Film Thread

    I finally watched A Brighter Summer Day and liked it a great deal. Feel silly having put it off for so long having enjoyed Yi Yi and Terrorizers. I still haven't seen mahjong though. Difficult to precisely identify what I like about Edward Yang's films but they are slow and quiet and often strikingly beautiful, the climax to this film left me with a lump in my throat just as Yi Yi did. If you have a free day to devote to a film I'd recommend either of these. Perhaps get up early and enjoy them with a nice breakfast beer as I did.
  8. The Asian Film Thread

    Hello, this is a nice idea for a thread and I have so many Asian films in my to watch list, I'm gonna commit to watching more too. As for recommendations there has been so many great ones already. I love koreda too, nobody knows and Our little sister are my favourites of his but I think I'm alone in liking the latter so much. Last year I found out about the great Hong Kong director, Johnnie To. He's made some great action films, Drug War, The Mission and breaking news are ones I'd recommend. Oh I like castle of Cagliostro too only saw that the the first time last year, such a cool movie though as you are hit and miss with Miyazaki it might not be your cup of tea. Oh and if anyone has a free day the entire 9 hours of the Wang Bing documentary Ti Xi Qu is on YouTube, the film that contains one of the most upsetting scenes I've ever seen.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Enjoyed this. Got me through a whole day at work too. Thanks
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Does Santa bring gifts for everyone or just children? I think parents buy their kids presents in addition to the ones Santa brings but the parents are too oblivious and self involved to notice the extra gifts.
  11. Spelunky!

    Thanks. At this point I'd like to say that everytime something comes out of nowhere and kills someone that's me getting nailed. Almost always.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I think therefore I scan I know the air is sweet I know not what I am I am CHAMELEON STREET. It's been a while since I've seen it but I've been looking through all the a films I've watched for the first time this year and remember really enjoying this.First heard about it on the great film podcast called All Units, where the host talked about it with Perfect Blue(.http://thewonderofitall.xyz/all-units-episodes/2017/9/21/9-work-career-opportunities) it's the(true!?)story of con man Doug Street who apparently performed several hysterectomies with no medical training while impersonating a doctor. The film is weird and funny and angry and has a really boring sub plot, I recommend it! It won the grand prize at Sundance (I think) and then just disappeared, it's on YouTube now.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I love it a lot too. So beautiful. Favourite Reichardt for sure.
  14. Spelunky!

    I watched the reveal trailer on YouTube and one of the first comments is "no gameplay footage? are you fucking kidding?" imagine being that miserable. This is of course brilliant news as SPELUNKY is the best game. What's it going to be like!? I just hope it has Coop still and that scoring big doesn't take all fuckin day. Edit: and speaking of coop, me and my bro play coop a lot and he's made a video of clips of us fuckin up to celebrate spelunky 2
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    I was lucky enough to catch a screening of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Halloween night. It was in a local independent, really tiny cinema. It was packed. And I tell you what friends that's a fuckin movie. Absolutely delighted to have seen it on the big screen.
  16. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Hello friends. I recently got a full time job for the first time after spending yonks doing nothing. Now I have no time to play video games! Wtf? Is this what being an actual adult is like? What little time I do have is devoted to MGSV which is still amazing and feels incredible to play and I don't expect bombing around Afghanistan abducting goons while 80s music plays to get old soon, even after 200 or so hours. BUT there is one thing. Breath of the Wild has ruined all open world games as now, whenever you can't climb everything in sight it feels like total bullshit, a massive oversight!
  17. I had this same thought at the time but now I'm not sure. that the creation of the tulpa diminishes Dale in some way. .oh there is another 'Coop' moment though, the way he greets Gordon is total Coop. I
  18. Wow, holy shit. I absolutely loved it. My heart is so full. I cried at the end of episode 17 and took a break, thought okay no more crying now... 5 minutes in to ep 18 "Home" "Gosh darn it!" I felt really weird when it was finished, sad that it was all over, delighted at how brilliant this series has been, shocked by the utterly crushing ending. I just sat for a while thinking about all of it, felt on the verge of tears. I don't have anything interesting to add to the discussion of what it means or anything I just want to thank Chris and Jake for a really enjoyable podcast. The discussion her every week has been great to read. One of my favourite moments was Evil Coop running in to Andy in the car park. The representation of true evil and the darkness in TP bumping up against the goofiest comic relief character. So tense so frightning. Perfect.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah! I heard on a podcast about it that it was banned and stopped from screening, only reason it survived is because it was kept under a different name!
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    Cool! Did you enjoy it!? I think it's great, hadn't even heard of it until a week ago
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone here seen The Spook Who Sat by the Door? Really great movie about a black man who is recruited to the CIA through a scheme so they appear more integrated. After spending years there he leaves and uses what he's learned to form a militia! It's on YouTube and you should watch it!
  22. Oh man! That was fuckin great! I made involuntary noises throughout. If that Diane was a creation of Doppeldale why would she offer the helpful information that Janey was her sister and she was in Vegas with Dougie? Did he actually rape her? My brother had the reading that when Diane said that he sensed her fear and smiled and his face changed she saw bobs face. Which is probably an obvious reading but I missed it. And I wonder what Richard and Doppeldale talk about on the car journey. Did they have the radio on or did they just spend the whole trip in excruciating silence?
  23. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, I've not seen those yet but I got them on dvd the other day. They'll be next!
  24. Because Doppeldale sent the Las Vegas? text that Diane received a few episodes ago in this episode are we to assume that this is happening days ago? Or was he just checking up with the exact same text. PS. It was great to see Richard and Doppeldale meet. Richard all the way through has been shown as an utter scumbag, a horrible and violent criminal and he runs up against Doppeldale and nearly gets his Gregory snapped!
  25. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have been getting all the way in to the films of Johnnie To. A really great Hong Kong action film maker. He shoots action brilliantly. I don't know if any of you have heard of him before? I heard about him on this great film podcast I listen to. Would wholeheartedly recommend checking out Drug War, The Mission and Breaking News.