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  1. Played a couple of hours so far, feeling the same hooks claw their way into me like Destiny managed. Playing on the Xbox One where my friends list is much smaller though which means so far there's hardly ever been a case of someone else being on at the same time as me. Anyone else here on the XB please feel free to add me: By Default. Would be nice to populate the world map a bit more with other players.
  2. Also had to turn off the latest Danswers, the tone just felt different to the first couple and I wasn't feeling it. Alt-F1 is finally back though which makes everything ok again. I think Drew/Danny might just be the best GB duo (Danny is basically a full member of team GB now).
  3. Destiny

    Did you guys read up on the Raid first or go in blind. Wondering if it's more rewarding than frustrating having to work out exactly what's going on. I hope so.
  4. Post your face!

    Ha, I was sure I'd seen that picture before then I noticed the bouncer with a Wedgewood rooms shirt on. I live about a minutes walk from the Wedge and at the time that photo was taken I'm pretty sure I was passed out on my sofa next to a kebab after many hours of too much SouthseaFesting. A good day as always!
  5. Post your face!

    This is going to sound totally creepy.... But was that photo taken during SouthseaFest? I probably live quite near you if so, ha.
  6. Other podcasts

    Regular Features is one of the podcasts I can't listen to while on a run as it's made me laugh out loud and caused people to stare far too many times. People should definitely seek it out if they're fans of Daft Souls (or if they've never heard of either!)
  7. Destiny

    I'm mid 25 at the moment so if I can lvl up my armour in time I'm in.
  8. Destiny

    I'm sure that I read somewhere that you only get Iron Banner rep if you win the game, nothing if you lose which would explain why people are dropping out mid match. No penalty system for quitting means it's easier and quicker to just jump into a new game instead.
  9. Destiny

    Finally had my first Legendary drop tonight - Shotgun, quickly followed by my 2nd - auto rifle. Now only a small amount of crucible rep before I hit rank 2 and I can finally buy a few pieces with my big stack of marks, to get me above lvl 24. Destiny has its hooks in me again it seems. Anybody attempted the raid yet?
  10. Destiny

    Only found out about this stuff yesterday, had no idea the Grimoire card stuff was giving me bonuses/boosts etc. Just figured they were Bungies achievements equivalent. They reeeaaaally made all this stuff easy to see, huh.
  11. Destiny

    Fifa 15s release has significantly slowed down my Destiny progress. Are people still finding the endgame compelling? I hit level 24 but running strikes/crucible over and over without any loot gains wore me out a bit. Shame because when at it's best the game is fantastic, just finiding hard to fit in time for it between Fifa and the soon to be out Shadow of Mordor.
  12. Destiny

    There's no matchmaking for anyone else on the weekly heroic strike right? Every time I've tried to jump into it, I just end up on my own. Don't see the reasoning for leaving it out when normal strikes are all automatic co-op? Man, I so wish that random co-op was an option for every mission in the game, I'd actually go back and play them.
  13. Destiny

    Just a tiny slither from hitting level 24 but still yet to find any Legendary stuff Quick question about PvP faction stuff, sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere and I've missed it. I've got a whole bunch of Crucible marks, enough to get myself some stuff from the vendor but my I've still got a little way to go till I hit Crucible rep lvl 2. Yet to look at any of the other faction stuff, just wondering if I now go and buy something from one of them and start grinding rep for a faction, do I stop getting rep for use with the main Crucible vendors? Are the Crucible guys basically just their own faction? Just wondering when I should look at buying faction gear. I've just said faction too much in my head and now that word's lost all meaning.
  14. Destiny

    There goes my blaming it on using a pulse rifle excuse. Since about level 10, the only decent weapons I've had drop for me have all been pulse rifles which is why I've really gotten used to them for PvE stuff. Need to get used to keeping anything else for PvP and not just discarding it for the monies and materials straight away.
  15. Destiny

    What are people using for pvp? My lovely blue pulse rifle which is perfect for Strikes and such feels absolutely horrid and slow at times in the Crucible.