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  1. Submitting Questions for the Q&A Show

    I find most fascinating in video gaming the fact that complex wargmaes that were prohibitively large in time ane space can now be adequately handled in a PC games implementation. I prefer the upper limit on rules/mechanics complexity that a boardgame requires. Usually the high complexity arises form the large maps and armies with straightforward mechinics that can be internalized. 1. What is the panels reaction to the entertainment value of implemnting strictly a complex board wargame into video game format? 2. Any opinions on these board game implementations? a. War In Europe (SPI / Decsions Games) b. Napoleons Last Battles (SPI / Hexwar.net) c. World in Flames (Australian Design Group / Matrix) d. Empires in Arms (Australian Design Group / Matrix) 3. Are there any other notable video game implentations of complex war games? Thank you