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  1. There is plenty that I'd say can't be explained by coincidence. The first that comes to mind is Coopers ring disappearing and then rematerializing out if thin air in the roadhouse. As well as Coopers name and "the owls are not what they seem" appearing on the readings at the military station. These are tangible physical effects that can't just be explained as hallucinations. Even some of the things that can are shared by multiple people, down to very specific detail. Bob's appearance, Sarah's vision of the necklace, Cooper and Laura's shared red room dream, Mike's knowledge about Bob. If it was just Cooper's visions I'd agree with the idea that it's all in his head and that Leland was just insane. But it's clear that supernatural forces are at play. I'm confused about the relationship between Bob and Leland though. Has he been under his control all this time and all the grieving was just an act, or did Bob only take over after Leland killed Jaques. His change in personality and hair color suggests the latter, but how about Laura's murder? Can Bob take control and return it whenever he wants? Was he only able to take complete control over Leland after he became a killer on his own? Was it Bob-Leland who was responsible for the other murders outside if Twin Peaks or is Bob able to jump between different "vessels"? I really like how unexplained the supernatural is in this show. It not only makes it legitimately mysterious, but it also puts you on edge because you don't really know what the spirits of Twin Peaks are capable of.
  2. Grow Home, that ghost flower game

    My coworker Luigi was trying this out during lunch break yesterday, and a big crowd gathered behind him to watch. A lot of cheering, ooohs and aaahs, plus plenty of laughter at the hilarious IK driven animation on BUD. The game is short and sweet, and just oozes charm. I'm also really happy to see the faceted polygonal style catching on. I've seen plenty of artists experiment with it, so it's cool to finally see it make its way into games. Massive Chalice does it too.
  3. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    Gonna give it a listen on my commute. Ryckert and O'Dwyer have great chemistry. As for Ryckert, the word I'd use for how he makes me feel is baffled. I remember when he first showed up my immediate reaction was "for fucks sake, THIS is the guy they got?" after that gross shitstorm. But he's grown on me after a while. Like people have already said his boundless enthusiasm is exactly the booster shot GB needed. I hope that his seemingly bottomless well of energy puts them in a surplus so their next hire can be someone more... cerebral.
  4. So this showed up in my Twitter feed today...
  5. Man, when the Catherine/Tojamura reveal was happening I thought it was another psychic apparition or dream sequence. I was half expecting Bob to suddenly pop up and speak in Jocelyn's voice. By the way, what was the deal with the horse? Also, why was Sarah crawling down the stairs in pain like that? I assume that either she could sense Bob's presence, as she has before, or she was poisoned. I'm also of the impression that Bob inhabiting Leland caused his hair to turn white, as Bob's hair is also white. Perhaps these spirits posess weakened and fragile minds. The one armed man is allegedly suffering from schizophrenia, and poor Leland was just ruined by grief. Assuming that Bob has inhabited Leland since he was a child at his cabin leads to some horrible repercussions. Wouldn't that mean that the Bob that Laura interacted with and had a relationship with was her dad? How could that not be mentioned in her diary in any way? All she says is that Bob was a friend of her dad. Perhaps he takes the shape of Bob as well, and him fading between Leland and Bob in the final scene is an actual physical change and not just a vision.
  6. Well the thing that occurred with me regarding Jacoby is that he would wear those ridiculous black and red glasses, and it fades into a roulette board which iconically is red and black. And the mention of Jacques' enthusiasm for all things sleazy made me realize that he is a sort of opposite of Cooper, who is notedly in possession of boundless enthusiasm towards the genuine and pure. Which puts his reaction to Jacques gross recount of the events in the cabin in an interesting perspective. He looked like he barfed a bit in his mouth. And man, Hank's psychic phone game is off the hook. Every damn time he calls at the right time, to the right place. Is this the supernatural element I hear talk about?
  7. Go with Idle Thumbs, that is guaranteed to work. I guess they haven't updated the list of names for the security question yet since the Rewatch is so new.
  8. Do they have a set schedule for the podcast? I'm itching to get to the next episode but I wanna wait until the pod has been cast so I can follow up with it immediately. This one came out on a Tuesday AFAIR?
  9. I will not be surprised if this show suddenly has a wrestling scene. In fact, I'm holding out hope that it does.
  10. It's been really interesting following the initial reactions to the game. In my case the feedback on the hands stand out since I was responsible for them. My impression is that people find them strange because if how stylized they are. And Henry is very stylized, not quite TF2 but definitely in that realm. The thing is that Firewatch is has a very stylized art direction, so it's interesting to me that people feel there is a disconnect. I mean, it's very likely that I simply failed at nailing the style. But I also wonder if it's because stylization is far more noticeable in characters than objects. I'd love to hear exactly what stands out about them to you folks.
  11. DOTA 2

    I played Ability Draft through mods before Valve officially supported it. I liked it better in the mods because it allowed random draft of abilities, not just heroes. If Valve could build a decent weighted randomization algorithm that results in somewhat even matchups I think that mode would be way more fun. Of course, that is easier said than done with the grotesque amount of variables involved in ability synergy (napalm + ion shell = gross). Still, just the option of pure randomization ought to make it the easy to pick up 15 min game bullshit it seems to be intended as.
  12. 3D Modeling

    Hey guys! Major 3D nerd here specializing in Maya, shoot any questions you got at me. I'd be delighted to help.
  13. Inspirational Curiousities

    As a 3D artist I tend to be really attracted to complicated constructs and the eerie poetry in motion that comes from elegantly designed machinery So this tumblr is pretty much porn to me
  14. How do you know that Delilah isn't an african american disabled transwoman?
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Been lurking for a bit, and I just realized I made my first post. So time to make an intro post! My name's Sindre, I'm a 3D artist based in San Francisco. Originally from Norway, I moved here to escape the utter draught of game development in my home country, and to go to college. My claim to fame is that I did some freelance work for Firewatch, which is something that materialized because I talked to Sean on twitter and we started playing Dota together. Because the internet is fucking weird. If you wanna look at some of the stuff I do it is yonder -> And my username being one of the playable characters from Gobliiins 2 is actually completely coincidental. Or perhaps subconscious, as I did play that game a whole lot as a wee lad. I like robots, narrative driven games, skeletons, Dwarf Fortress, and imperial pale ales a whole lot.
  16. As the guy who made Henry's character model I can confirm he's a white guy. Although as his often mentioned Wreck It Ralph hands might indicate (I actually used those as reference), he's not your classic bald ubermensch cisprotag. edit: Also, hello thumbs forums! Just realized this is my first post.