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  1. Hahahaha yeah seriously they loved those overlay shots with her wearing the veil. I think I counted four of them. And man, way to utterly flop Wyndom Earle's introduction. They had built him up as this cold calculating genius, but instead we get a C-List batman villain hamming it up in his long johns and fake moustache. I suppose it was naive if me to expect another Bobland, calm and nonchalant but brimming with madness under the surface.
  2. Jesus Christ that dinner scene. I have no words. Just... Barf.
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I have mildly mixed feelings on A Man In Black, but this is a doozy: And to clarify, my mixed feelings come down to me being somewhat uncomfortable with callout culture. I follow him and Sarah Butts because they are excellent sources for exposing both gross and (darkly) hilarious moments within GG. But sometimes I feel that they either read too much into things, or pick statements with not enough context to be conclusive.
  4. The latest episode had the two moments I looked forward to the most. The End boss fight, and the ladder scene. And both panned out perfectly. I have mixed feelings about Dan, like most people in this thread, but the quality of the content he's been able to drum up should not be ignored. Also, does anyone else feel that the Unprofessional Fridays lately have been kinda... dull?
  5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Any advice on the Basarios? I keep trying to hit his legs and belly but even then my lance bounces off him most of the time and loses sharpness very quickly. I tried using the leaping attack to mount him but I can't really figure out the timing. I'm thinking of just upgrading my hammer and going to town on him. Maybe bring some bombs.
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I've been browsing 4chan since 2004. In high school I was really into it, and then I grew out of it and instead transitioned into being a casual lurker. I keep coming back to it because as a community I find it very fascinating to watch. The strange hive mind that's present, the clear patterns and social norms that is engrained in everyone, and the gradual mutation of memes. It's a strange strange place. To adress the point made above. Yes, I agree that it's hostile community is very stifling to creativity. But what I've observed is that it leads to people trying to circumvent the rigid social structures which can lead to some frankly rather brilliant subversive humor. I hear people describing it as a site with a very low signal to noise ratio, but I kinda disagree. I don't think it's noise, it's too homogenous for that. It's more like a stream, with the occasional ripple and the very rare massive splash. And I disagree that lack of moderation is the driving force behind its creative output. I think it's the low amount of effort required to post there. Not to be confused with low barrier of entry, quite the contrary since as was pointed out you will be laughed out if you don't stick to the script, or as they say "lurk more". Rather, it's the fact that you don't need to register an account, don't need to worry about any kind of reputation or follow up, and unless you start a new thread you don't even need to post an image. It's very easy to just fire and forget. Now that said, I'm not trying to whitewash the site. It has its few gems, but overall it's well deserving of its reputation. A lot more horrible things have come out of it than good. And its community is the most toxic and elitist I can imagine. The argument that these people would exist and be horrible elsewhere if they were banned or the site was closed doesn't really hold water in my opinion. 4chan has in many cases functioned as a breeding ground for horrible internet culture. A perfect example is /pol/ which was essentially a containment board in the same vein as /mlp/, but it ended up magnifying the problem instead. Just all the absolute worst bigots of 4chan were allowed to sit there and stew and bounce off each other until it grew to the point where it's started to spill into every other board. /pol/'s influence on /v/ and /co/ I feel has been instrumental in the genesis of GamerGate. In particular its irrational fear/hate of feminism and social justice. I find the place deeply fascinating, but I don't think we'd be worse off without it. Still, I think the damage has been done already. If it were to be closed now the lurkers like me would just scatter off to forums like neogaf or other relevant communities, while the ugly core would most likely migrate to 8chan and become even more concentrated in their vileness.
  7. Wait really? I not only heard 12 dollars, but the subtitles said so too. I haven't listened to the podcast yet but is there some confusion around this? I assumed the joke was that he was penniless because he's shitty, but too proud to admit it so he has Ed transfer those measly 12$ because he couldn't stand to lose face.
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I read several places that the majority of people seem to use Dual Blades or Longsword, and while I liked those weapons I prefer to go against the grain. It's more pathos rather than any strategic choice I admit. Also I just liked the moveset, and the ability to block is a huge boon since I'm not particularly good at dodging which messed me up pretty bad on some tougher monsters. I did not realize it had such deep combo potential, I didn't even realize you could do combos with it. From just testing the moveset I wasn't able to string together anything noticeable, but now that you told me I will need to research and try out some timing. I especially want to try out that leaping attack, that sounds sweet! By the way, I just unlocked skill gems. So far I've been pumping points into Health and Stability, but is there anything that is worth focusing on as a beginner? Also, my Friend Code is 4227-2156-0643
  9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Ok now that I've given it a try Lance is definitely my jam. I discovered the Block+X+Y charge attack by accident and landed a killing blow on a Seltas at the same time. I actually stood up and screamed in excitement when it happened.
  10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Kings Frill, that's the one! I should use items more. So far I'm only using potions, whetstones and paintballs during combat. Still haven't really figured out how to use traps. I bought the trap kit and assumed I just had to combine it with some bait like raw meat, or a component like a poison mushroom. But the option doesn't seem to be there. I should read up on it. I've been a bit stubborn about figuring shit out on my own. Although I feel in general that I have a hard time aiming my hits. Especially when I used the longsword. I liked the charge mechanic a lot, but since all of its openers are vertical slices I kept missing enemies by facing at the slightly wrong angle. It could be because I'm on a regular 3DS XL. I'm considering trading it in for a New3DS because I feel the clumsy camera controls are limiting me. By the way. Any advice for using the Switch Axe? I'm taking a liking to it now that I figured out the combo timing.
  11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Is there a particular trick to cutting off monster parts? I've been trying to cut off the Jaggi Crown (different name but I can't remember) but I have a real hard time targeting only the head. The bastard moves around so much and I end up hitting the body or legs instead, which results in it dying before I get the part to break off. I've been using the twin blades, longsword, and switch axe.
  12. As much as I love Denise that solution to the hostage situation was some serious Bugs Bunny shit. I was half expecting there to be an exploding candygram on that dinner tray.
  13. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    To get back to laughing and crying over GG; Mark Kern grumming it up harder than ever. Source:
  14. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Source: So apparently libel can result in jail time. And a group which defines itself as leaderless and too diverse to be criticized can be a target of it.
  15. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    As a Norwegian i find Roosh's adventures in Scandinavia hilarious. Our dating culture is largely based on initiating with a one night stand and then follow up with dating to see if this person is a great person and not just a good lay. In other words, "getting laid" is very easy there, and the fact that he is continuously rejected sure says a lot about what a huge awkward douchebag he is.
  16. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    So GG was doing organized spamming of the GDC Twitter hashtag, which led to devs using the autoblocker in order to make it useable again. And now they are mad at them for participating in censorship. You can't make this shit up.
  17. Also regarding Briggs. I'm starting to wonder if his description as a pilot might not be a literal fighter pilot. Even if he is the air force's best man why would his disappearance "have repercussions that would make the Cold War seem like a case of the sniffles"? Given his association with paranormal research could pilot refer to things like astral projection or travels through the spiritual realm? He was the first to mention the White Lodge, and if anyone in Twin Peaks possesses perfect courage I'd say it's him. Alternatively that quote could simply mean that his disappearance signifies that the supernatural forces have started going on the offensive, and that is the threat the man from the military base was talking about.
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I just had the hilarious realization that Total Biscuit is Jim Sterlings persona made flesh. Thank god for him, and his two billion YouTube subscribers.
  19. I'm very happy to see Col. Briggs become a more prominent character, as he is one of my favourites. My take on him is that he is a reapporperiation of the trope of the zen-warrior from Asian cinema. The classic incarnation of this trope is the shaolin monk, master samurai, or martial arts sensei, you know the type. Briggs is a deeply spiritual man, but in this episode it was also made clear that he's is also an exceptional soldier, pilot specifically. Quite possibly as a result of his mental discipline. I think it's interesting to see this archetype applied to the American military, which classically has an image of macho aggressiveness and gritty stoicism rather than harmony and calm introspection.
  20. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I'm getting a real kick out of the aristocratic wig and top hat being imposed on french revolution artwork.
  21. Short reply since I'm going to bed. But I suspect that people's impression of the game and their tactic going through it becomes colored by the first few quests, and the random nature of the game can have a profound effect on that. And not just emotional impression. I think that am early wipe or a bout of insanity can severely throw off your progression curve. I'll follow up with a more detailed reply tomorrow. Your tactic is certainly interesting and I have some thoughts on it.
  22. I managed to pull myself out of the rut by essentially farming low level missions with a rotation of 8 characters abd using the money and heirlooms to upgrade the blacksmith and guild. Stat upgrades matter a lot as it turns out. My favorite combo so far is an Occultist and Bounty Hunter, since the Mark from his curse synergizes with BH's Collect Bounty. Also getting BH's pull and push abilities help tremendously. After being on the receiving end of it I've come to realize how powerful crowd control is. I fought the Hag today, and boy that was frustrating. I would even argue that encounter is poorly designed. What happened to me was that since the hag occupies the last two slots and the cauldron the first two you can end up in a situation where your team literally can't attack her depending on the composition. Which is what happened to me. The solution of course is to bring a team that can attack the slots in the back, but since you don't know that going in you can find yourself in an encounter that is literally impossible to win, which I did. And when you lose your three best adventurers and two Ancestral trinkets to that it feels tremendously unfair. Even when I brought a perfect team to take her down I got screwed. She put my level 2 Vestal in the pot, and when she dropped out if the soup At Deaths Door the Hag was able to take two turns before anyone was able to do anything and landed a deathblow on her. Again, there was literally nothing I could do, which is frustrating. I don't mind hard games, in fact I love them. Big fan of Demons/Dark Souls and I'm currently playing SMT4. But while those games are hard they at least feel fair. In Darkest Dungeon I feel I'm very much at the mercy of random number generator, which is not a good feeling. I want my strategic choices to matter, and feel that with enough skill and wit I can recover from a tough situation. Having to retreat from a dungeon because four Rabid Hounds critted me eight times in a row while my well equipped team does nothing but miss for two rounds really diminishes that feeling. I'm wondering if some sort of rubber banding would help the game. Just subtle things like adventurers On Death's Door having less of a chance bring targeted, or a higher dodge chance. Even if you're thematically presenting dread and despair the dip into adversity and then recovering from it is in my opinion a much more satisfying arc than just getting fucked by a harsh uncaring universe. I'm a game developer too, so I think a lot about this kinda stuff. I think this thread has the potential for really interesting discussion regarding how to balance design and mood.
  23. I'm probably playing the game the non-optimal way, so I'm constantly getting my butt kicked. I get very attached to my guys so I'll hang onto them and spend a lot of money on drinking/praying instead of dismissing and recruiting new ones. What usually happens is that an unlucky round of misses on my side and crits from the enemy will almost wipe me out, and even if I manage to survive that round the next encounter will surely lead to the death of at least one adventurer, so at that point I just abandon. I feel there's been a balance patch though. I went back to it tonight and it felt way easier. Maybe I'm just learning how to play.
  24. I'm currently in deep doo doo. All my best adventurers got killed in the Weald and I'm out of money. I have enough money to maybe send someone to stress relief but if I do then I'll be short on torches and food for the next adventure. But I find myself enjoying the sense of desperation, clawing my way out of the hole with level 0 adventurers doing quick sweeps and abandoning in order to scrounge resources. Adding a failure state would remove that, and I feel that would be a shame. Also I really wish there was a way to see the turn order in combat.
  25. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    I backed Godus, not much, only 20$ or so. My reason for doing so is that I like Molyneux and I think he's a game designer with a lot of fun and unconventional ideas, but he lacks restraint. My thought was that while he was at Microsoft and had such massive budgets he easily let himself get distracted. My hope was that with a limited budget and a set list of features he'd focus more and not chase whatever whim or inspiration that hits him. So much for that. It seems his problems lie elsewhere. What a shame. I was really rooting for him to prove us wrong. This is utterly trust eroding. I've lost a lot of respect for him.