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  1. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Looking through my Dropbox folder I have a lot of these. So here goes~! My desk in College. 5 people stuffed in a small San Francisco apartment. We had a shared computer/art/TV room that we always hung out in. My desk after having moved to a smaller apartment, but with less people. (It should be telling I had just graduated and was desperately trying to get my portfolio job ready) My desk after having upgraded said desk, monitors, and moved into the master bedroom upon my roommate's departure. My desk at my most recent job (emphasis added). Seems like I didn't take pictures of my desk at my other 3 jobs, which is a bummer because I had a really nice standing desk setup at one of them. And finally my current setup, having moved back to my parents in Norway because my US visa was declined. Now with gaming towels and a Nostromo! Bonus pic! My art director's desk. An image which should just be titled gamedevelopment.jpg EDIT: Oh geez, I'm used to the forum software on Polycount automatically rescaling images. Resized them to not be crazy huge any more.
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    That's the one with the hilarious justification that ass is superior to breasts because they are just imitations of a butt?
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    More hilarity: MechOfJustice (apparently i_z_e_l_s new account) challenges any woman tweeting in #MasculinitySoFragile to fight him mano-e-mano. A woman accepts his challenge. You won't believe what happens next.
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I dunno about you guys, but I personally can't stop giggling at the idea of Mt Rushmore with a giant fucking skull wearing a dumb crown.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Considering how oblivious and up their own ass most of GG is it's hard to tell parody apart from sincerity. This is so outrageous though I'm certain it's satirical. But only like 80% sure. I found it being tweeted and laughed at in AnnieKNK's mentions. One of them said apparently Vox Day originally tweeted it.
  6. Feminism

    That's a great idea moose. The culture and craft around comedy is really interesting.
  7. What makes the ending so great is in large part due to all the shit that happened leading up to it. Just put it on in the background while you do something else, and then tune in when people start shouting.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Well this sounds familiar. It's interesting to see these situations appear in areas outside of "nerd culture". Sorta confirms that it's a broader issue than just gamers being gross.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Random stranger calls Brianna Wu on her private number. Gets upset and "triggered" when she hangs up on him, and records a rambling incoherent voicemail. It's a doozy.
  10. I gave it a go and it's pretty good. Clean and simple. I'm too used to Inbox by Gmail though. But I'm interested in trying to switch to all of Windows' native apps to see how well everything synergizes.
  11. First timer here. Still just gathering my thoughts on it. One thing I can say. Fuck Pete and Audrey dying to the bullshit scheming of Andrew and Thomas. They deserved better than that.
  12. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    I'm norwgian as well, and that whole scene was baffling and hilarious. I meant to comment on that very thing myself, but I wasn't really active here on the forums until recently, and I doubted they would be interested in a reader mail about such a silly thing. I'm very sad that the norwegian businesspeople were phased out so quickly. I was really looking forward to more poorly translated norwegian shenanigans.
  13. Twin Peaks Discussion

    As a latter day fan of Twin Peaks and an old school fan of Wario Land, I'm very interested in hearing what the gist of that email is.
  14. This episode is definitely a noticeable rebound to the Good Old Twin Peaks. I realize that what resonated with me in the first season was that while the story followed the main plot about Laura's murder investigation you still get the sense that there are uncanny elements operating in the background. Out of sight from both the characters and the viewer, but still so overtly present. My frustrations with the center trench of season 2 is not how is regresses to silly soap opera pulp, that was always a charming facet of the show, but rather that it lost that creeping ambient presence. In this episode I'm feeling it coming back in full force. Possibly a bit too much honestly, the arm shaking is creepy but anything but subtle. But they only have two episodes left, so I guess they gotta go all out. Some great character moments I'm this episode too! Audrey and Pete bonding over fishing is of course the best. But I was pleasantly surprised by Bobby and Shelby! Bobby finally had a great moment if honest introspection and the two of them finally had some real chemistry. Really cute! Same with Cooper and... Uh, nun girl? Up to this point she had been such a non-character I actually didn't learn hey name. But the scene at the diner and the roadhouse really sold me on the two of them. Her little monologue about not being afraid any more was really great. And hell even Wyndom Earle was good in this! Literal horseplay notwithstanding he actually felt threatening for once, and seeing the contrast between his hammy supervillain act and the stuttering nerd om the video tape managed to flesh out his character a fair bit. I wish that video tape Wyndom was what we got from the beginning. Also the opening scene with the police officers struggling with the giant chess piece as a backdrop was delightful.
  15. Oh, and another thing. The cut from Heavy Metal Dude's droopy blue face inside of a giant chess piece to Laura Palmers photo might beat the Josie Drawer Pull in terms of ridiculous juxtaposition.
  16. Oh yes, Wyndom Earle. The genius. Whose logic is so warped and his methods so subtle and untraceable that he has to build a giant paper mâché chess piece and stuff a dead metal head inside it. I bet the next episode opens with Coop saying "He's trying to send us a message..." And Heavy Metal Dude was there because of... Beer? The cost of beer in Twin Peaks must be pretty damn high for him to be cool with hanging out in a creepy cabin with an old dude playing a flute and his pet Frankenstein monster. Not to mention willingly stepping into the big ridiculous chess piece! Like, why wasn't he a heroin junkie? They haven't been scared to show drugs in the show before. And with Leo there it would make sense that they could get in touch with an addict easily. I can see heroin withdrawals being strong enough to compel you to tag along with Wyndom's circus show, but not beer. It makes me wonder if that was in the script originally but then changed. I also like Truman's deduction that the chess piece can't be a bomb because there's no ticking sound.
  17. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    There was an article where the author went to an MRA conference. It was pretty fascinating expose on the community. One of the things mentioned was that women who are "MRA-approved" and part of the gang have the nickname honey badgers. So that's likely where they took the name from.
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I don't ever want to take their side, but if you look closer at the screencapped reddit post it was made a month ago and only received 3 points. It's awful as hell, but luckily it doesn't seem to have taken hold. As I mentioned before, I'm a bit ambivalent on Sarah and AMIB and its because of tweets like that. They do a good job of exposing the really shitty sides of GG, but it's often presented in a way that makes it seem like a much bigger thing than it really is. It can serve to misinform people who are opposed to GG, and most certainly just enrages GG.
  19. Feminism

    So a Facebook post from Liefeld defending artists like Cho and Campbell from "crucifixion" just exploded. A summary of the post and its replies is here: I'm personally surprised that artists with decades of experience haven't learned to process criticism yet. I like their work, but I found myself rolling my eyes reading most of this. Granted, im not familiar with what I assume is a backlash against some joke they did regarding the spider butt cover. But still, as an artist myself one of the first and most important things I learned was the ability to process feedback. Taking criticism is not about taking everything said to you to heart, because not everyone knows what they're talking about or lack the context to correctly judge something. It's vital to be able to pick out legitimate criticism, and that doesn't mean just ignoring what you don't agree with but recognizing that there is a valid point being made regardless of how challenging it is and even if it's being presented in an inane way. But once again I will have to concede that the type of feedback I have received has never been in the form of (what I assume is) vitriolic backlash, nor of that scale. Still I assume the same should apply. If a thousand people tell you that you did something bad, maybe it's time to sit down and think. Also, I doubt that during their long careers of drawing cheesecake art they have never faced this kind of criticism before.
  20. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Actually, I just experienced differently. I was chasing a Narajala (I think that's the right name? Big green snake with legs that shoot exploding shards from its tail) and came upon it sleeping. I put down a shock trap and when it got caught in it I pelted it with tranq bombs. I threw about 4 or 5 and nothing happened. I suppose that while sleeping it had regained enough health to be barely above the capturable threshold.
  21. Plug your shit

    Thanks everyone! And I just noticed that in Jane's Art of Firewatch talk at GDC they totally show concept art of him so I might open up that gallery to the public after all.
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Man, there is a lot of stuff going on in that. All of it weird as hell.
  23. Plug your shit

    I'm a 3D artist, making art which is 3D, mostly for games. Behold, my shit: One of the entries is probably familiar to most of you, but unfortunately I'm keeping that behind a password since it shows off Henry's face.
  24. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Apparently a GamerGater tried to hijack the Q&A session during a talk Brianna Wu held at YSU. Not sure what was said, I assume the usual thinly veiled loaded questions, but apparently police got involved so he may have been overtly threatening her.