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  1. April Fools dump

    That google Japan one is brilliant. I'm super impressed that the went all the way and actually built it, instead of just doing a 3D render. And since I almost missed it. The video accompanying it is fantastic:
  2. For somebody

    I appreciate this thread.
  3. The Big VR Thread

    Some kind soul recorded Ep0 for the youtubes. Enjoy our hilariously janky demo vicariously though someone else's eyes.
  4. The Big VR Thread

    @clyde We have no plans of taking Ep0 down, and in case we do I'm sure I could kick you a build. @Ben Oculus doesn't do room tracking the way Vive does, so we had to settle with teleporting between preset points in the environment. But you can pick up a copy of Dangerous Hunks and slap Sean in the face with it if you so desire, or any number of other props around in Henry's Tower. (There may even be a Christmas Duck hidden somewhere in there) @Osmosisch Yeaaah, we're all kinda short on sleep. It ain't great. But that's the reality of 4 people with no money trying to make something ambitious that's really reliant on getting eyes on it early. In a perfect world we would have enough time and money to take it at a comfortable pace and make sure everyone's well rested and everything is well polished, but them's the breaks. I'd argue that us busting our ass on something we care about and want to make great is different from a AAA producer telling everyone to stay the weekend, or an art student mistakenly thinking the only way to be successful is to paint for 18 hours straight every day.
  5. The Big VR Thread

    So yesterday we announced the project (yeah, on April Fools Day, and on the Giant Bomb UPF stream at that) that Will Smith left Tested to work on. FooVR. What we've been tinkering on the last several months has been a framework for recording and publishing "shows"/"podcasts" with multiple people in the same VR space. Of special interest to us Thumbs readers; Episode 0 is an interview with our very own Jake and Sean about Firewatch, complete with a trip to VR version of Henry's lookout tower. It's currently live on Oculus Home, and we're working on kicking out a final Vive SteamVR build. I think that version is going to be really impressive due to room tracking and the hand controllers, and internally we're developing and recording with the Vive so the project is tuned for it.
  6. Hey, if by coming Sunday you mean tomorrow I unfortunately can't make it. I'm outta town until Monday and the current internet situation is limited at best, and frequently non-existent. Case in point I'm posting this on a 2G connection while hanging out of a window in the attic. Sorry about the late reply! Didn't realize it was the weekend already, and I had hoped internet access would be better.
  7. I am actually available tomorrow after all. Sorry for the late heads up, sudden change of plans.
  8. I'll probably do the questionnaire anyway, since there's some interesting details in there I'd like to resolve.
  9. The McElroy Family of Products

    Have they done Who's Your Daddy yet? Because I feel that's a game that's practically conceived by the McElroys.
  10. The Big VR Thread

    Nobody posted this yet, so I guess I should.
  11. Got a little baby USB mic so hopefully now I'll be audible (dot com slash wizard).
  12. I'll work on drafting up a brief blurb about Hank to fill in details I didn't have a chance to bring up during the first session. But I feel that a lot of the core stuff has been covered, so maybe I just wanna have him grow more organically. Also Jason, can I check out the Mage session VoD on Twitch, or should that stuff be kept secret? (I started checking it out, and it seems like Corey is in the chat during that session? Still, I wanna check if it's cool.) Changing the hunter sessions to Sundays is perfect for me. Because that way I won't have to bail on sudden social events, or vice versa, since the sessions start at 9PM in my timezone. Sundays I very rarely have commitments in the evening. EDIT: Also, looking at the VoD from our session I can tell my audio quality is abysmal. I'll make sure to get a proper microphone for next time.
  13. I had been reading the standard core rulebook, not realizing that Chronicles of Darkness is the one we'll be using. OH WELL. Time to brew a cup of coffee and huddle up in front of the fireplace.
  14. I have not received access yet. I'm Sindre, in case there was uncertainty.
  15. That is tremendously exciting. I just assumed he was an old timer from the Gamespot days. What I'm wondering is how long that whole expedition took, with having to do multiple loops around Kerban while waiting for their orbit to decay. I was looking in the UI for a Real Time Elapsed stat but found nothing. It must have been years right? With how wide their orbit started out they had to spend a good minute at 400x time warp for the first couple loops.
  16. Hey so I realized that I am commited to something this saturday after all, got the dates mixed up because I'm a responsible adult who can manage time. But it seems like we're pushing this to next weekend anyway?
  17. I got nothing happening all weekend, I'll just be at home working, so we can do a test sesh whenever.
  18. Just learned about this via the Slack group, and I'm upset I didn't discover it earlier. I'm another Euro thumb, and I'm down like a clown. Most evenings after 20:00 GMT or anytime during the weekens should be good with me. I've mostly played D&D and I have the 5th edition books. But I'm down for anything. Would be fun to try something new.
  19. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    My oh my.
  20. Woof.

    This is Millie. My brother's girlfriend's dog which I frequently babysit and spoil like a princess. Her favorite food is carrots.
  21. The threat of Big Dog

    01001000 01101111 01001000 01101111 01001000 01101111
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I think the conspiracy theory mindset is so resilient because it has as a base premise that you have discovered something that casts doubt on all commonly held knowledge on the subject, so any contradictory information is part of the problem. Going down the meme theory route and thinking of information as organisms I'm inclined to find it an admirable self defense mechanism in how simplistic and effective it is. Except for the part where it often devolves into a self destructive feedback loop of doubt. Just look at people like Alex Jones and David Icke to see men whose skepticism has distanced them so far from reality that they almost seem like castaways from a parallel universe. The sense that you've figured out something nobody else has is immensely gratifying. If you're underprivileged it must feel like having an ace in the hole against a world that doesn't make much sense. I suspect it's also why sometimes otherwise very intelligent people and academics believe in absolutely outrageous nonsense, because they are used to being on the frontier of human knowledge and the feeling that the rest of the world just doesn't know any better.
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Dude is still harping on about Ahmed Mohamed (I'm sorry, "asking questions" rather) months after the whole ordeal with the clock. Dawkins is a great scientist, but also a bloody Clock Boy Truther.
  24. Wizaaaaaards!!

    An acquaintance found this album in a local record shop under the label "Wizard Metal"