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  1. In that case, you might want to skip today's episode of Exquisite Corps. That episode is an exercise in frustration.
  2. If you run into that situation again, you can pass most bodies of water without having to swim. Just use your Cryo power to create blocks you can use to jump on top of. You get to have 3 blocks at a time, which means you can stand on one block while creating the next. Just make sure to keep creating them in jump range.
  3. I've been a fan of some of the night stuff, but it's a lot of stuff to chew through. I enjoy some of the odd pairings and some good discussion often comes out, but I can't fault anyone that says it's too much, because it really is. The GDC stuff they used to do (and seemingly just don't anymore) was also this, even if some of that stuff involved even more of people getting drunk (see, the last major one they did where they had a bunch of people passing around a bottle of Buckfast which was then capped with Dave Lang being Way Too Drunk and yelling a bunch at Ed Boon). (On a side note, one of those old GDC cast nights was actually my first introduction to the Thumbs crew when Chris, Sean, and Jake were on the same night, and one of the panel breaks featured Jake and Sean watching mini-Chris play Space Asshole.) Also, that Leigh Alexander stuff is a real low point in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the ways that the GB crew themselves really spurred some of that shit on. If I'm not mistaken (and this was like almost 7 years old so I could be wrong), a number of the crew walked out of the room and held a second stream from Jeff's phone while Leigh was on. Also, the weird GB meme of "<>" stems from that podcast, where at some point it turns into this weird non-audio signal for "I think Leigh is being annoying". And then it doesn't help that there was some screenshot floating around either from Ryan or from someone who was talking to Ryan online where it appears Ryan calls her a sociopath. There was some straight demonization going on there and no one from GB was exempt from it. It's ugly and was unacceptable, and it worries me. Because every time I seem to think things are OK, there's little incidents like their inadequate and late response to GG and how slow they were to react with the Samantha Allen thing (although the ultimate response there was a little better than the one they later mustered for GG). It seems like they've generally been doing better of late, but I worry if that's not just me rationalizing this. I guess we'll see whenever this latest round of hiring is completed.
  4. On self-imposed rules: I like to play FIFA, and will play against friends here. FIFA is a game with a million teams that you won't really ever use unless you force yourself to. So, we devised a rule. No one ever chooses their own team outright. Instead, you go to the top level selector, count down from 3, and both sides hit random. You get 5 random rolls in total. Both players decide before any more rolls are taken, but you live with your decision. . If you get a mid-level team on pick #2 and decide that you're OK sitting with them, you can't suddenly take your 3 remaining rolls if your opponent lands on an all star team with their next pick. Similarly, if you leave that weird mid-level team you got early on and then got bad random rolls on every successive try, you can't go back and take that old team. This means you're normally playing with players you have never heard of, and with teams whose strengths and weaknesses you're totally unaware of. You have to look at your roster, quickly look at some attributes, and try to figure out how to best play this team. And you might have to do that while being massively outgunned because your opponent happened to roll Barcelona on their first try and you ran every roll you had in hopes of finding someone at a similar talent level and got stuck with the 7th place team from the Korean K-League because that's what you got on the last roll.
  5. I'm through part 4 and the answer seems to be "No". They manage to get through Monsoon because they turned on the auto-parry thing and it seemed like when it got to those spots the game just does it for them. I'm kinda torn on finishing this because it's honestly so frustrating to watch, even though I really want to see Drew's reaction to Armstrong.
  6. Yeah, the spot they're going to fill is GB West. GB East had the vacancy but Dan slid over to fill that, leaving GB West down a person. Also, the Metal Gear Scanlon with him playing Rising has been slowly driving me mad watching it. Dan starts off by telling Drew not to bother with the single mechanic that actually differentiates that game and just play on easy so he can just mash buttons and get through. That's left them with a lot more room for conversation, but it also means they've almost entirely tuned the game out, to where there's points where Drew's just running around without any idea of what he has to do despite the game having chimed in 2-3 times to say "do this".
  7. 100%. When GB posted her top 10 of 2017 list, I realized how much I missed her writing. Hopefully she's having fun doing whatever she's doing, but damn I miss her stuff.
  8. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Managed to get Silent Assassin on the new Elusive Target.
  9. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    The Holiday bonus stage is so good! Having to track targets who behave like the player character when it comes to sneaking past security is a great idea.
  10. In addition to what Cordeos just said, there's also the fact that Trump has indisputably built his fortune on a record of defrauding people, whether it's the Trump University scam that he just paid out $25m to avoid the indignity of being the President who was on trial for fraud or his more normalized fraud where he defrauded contractors by just deciding he wasn't going to pay them after work was complete. Trump is a prime example for why this country needs better mechanisms to prevent the entrenchment of power via inherited wealth.
  11. There's really no need to wait. Trump campaigned as a bigoted monster, and since being elected, has been selecting bigots of his same strain for positions in his government. If you have someone who says he will burn down your house if you give him access, and after you give him access he starts dousing the whole thing in gasoline and sending people out to buy him matches, you don't have to wait to render judgement until the house has been lit aflame. He told you what he was going to do, and if that was not enough to believe him, he started to make preparations to follow through. Thinking he deserves any benefit of the doubt is unbelivably naive.
  12. The idea that a former Secretary of State with a long history of diplomacy with foreign nations is going to be more reckless with the military than a hate monger who goes on a rage bender every time he's criticized by a comedy show is a bit of a ludicrous position. The potential for war with Russia is a concerning issue, most definitely, but the reason that an encounter is so possible is not because the US is actively antagonizing Russia, but because Russia is pursuing a very aggressive foreign policy that endangers security and stability abroad. Trump avoiding any potential for a war by being Putin's lapdog is not going to be a positive thing for safety and stability on the world stage.

    I've been playing on PS4. Steve created an Idle Thumbs network back during the beta and I'm still part of it, but it's really tiny and there's never anyone online, so I've been switching over to the Giant Bomb or Waypoint networks.
  14. Thumbs of Four (Gears of War 4)

    I picked this up because I've kinda been itching to play some Horde Mode, so if you guys are getting together any time soon-ish, let me know. Time could be a little weird since I'm in Texas, but I can try to make it work.

    Played a couple of rounds before bed. It definitely has that Titanfall feel, maps I played were good, feels good. I also played Attrition, so maybe just Bounty Hunt is the actual problem.