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  1. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I'm sure the expression "Too much clam in the beverage" had been uttered on an earlier episode but can't figure out when! Anyone else have this feeling? It just sounded too familiar.
  2. Recently completed video games

    The last game i finished was Beyond Good and Evil a couple of weeks back. I'd been hearing so much about it for years and recently picked it up at a GoG sale to see what all the fuzz was about. I wouldn't say i was disappointed but i'm having a bit of hard time to see why everyone is praising this game as much as they are. Anyone care to comment on what they thought of it? Also: fuck that last boss...
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi and hello, fellow readers! Been listening to the guys casting pods since the kickstarter ended and thought that maybe i should try and get involved a bit more in the community. I'm pretty much the only person in my circle of friends who enjoys the type of gaming discussions featured on Idle Thumbs and it'll be fun to be able to interact with more people like me!
  4. I was kind of waiting for someone to make a joke about "Mein Craft", but i guess that would be a bit over the top