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  1. I've been curious about how this works, too.
  2. I've got an idea for the same episode title. I'll be curious to see what comes out of both of them (if building the game itself doesn't seem like too much of a hurdle for me).
  3. Regarding Isaac Rebirth, I played a bunch of vanilla Isaac, but prefer Rebirth's art style much more. Isaac's art style always screamed Flash to me, and I feel like rebirth has a lot more personality.
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    While I wasn't completely in love with their last album the new (debut?) Mr Twin Sister album is streaming over at P4k, and is pretty incredible. This band put out two super solid EPs as Twin Sister, made the change over to Domino and put out a cool, but disappointing first LP. The new one is kinda dreamy/thumpy stuff. Really diggin' it.
  5. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I've been kinda bummed by the last couple records. I thought Crack the Skye was such a masterpiece, kinda sad they didn't explore that direction further.
  6. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    I ran into Steve recently at a bar up here. I recognized him, told him how much I loved Gone Home and said I was a Thumbs fan. He was super nice!
  7. Antithetical Pescetarianism?
  8. Awful PDX carpet, if anyone's interested. If you live here, expect 12 pictures a week on your facebook feed of peoples feet on this.
  9. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    That concept video is rad. A different feel from the Playable Trailer, but really cool stuff in it.
  10. I really enjoyed some of the cast elaborating on the mechanical side of Twine games that they don't enjoy as much. It's a medium I've been wanting to use, but I'm still researching at the moment.
  11. PL4YST4TION 4

    Bummer. I was really hoping the iphone headphones would work :/
  12. Share short games you enjoy that require no fee.

    Horse Master (The Game of Horse Mastery)
  13. Once I heard you guys were doing SH4, I was in. Such a great, strange, interesting game.
  14. Sorry if this has been asked, but Danielle mentioned streaming games (and has in the past). Does she have a twitch or youtube channel?