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  1. Not-Game Doodles

    Woops. Been a long time since forum. But regarding the above quote I was actually working on making it a kinect music sequencer that picks what samples to play. Here's an another test with it but the fraps lag kinda kills the rhythm >< Kinect Visualizer test v0.2:
  2. Not-Game Doodles

  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Looks like a long long list but Hey! My name is Will and I'm a recent college grad from USC's game program. Tryin to make games on my own studio pixel style but we'll see. Long time thumb listener first time thumb forumer.
  4. Not-Game Doodles

    I realize all my stuff is in annoying zip downloads so I'm going to re save some web builds. but also this weird thing I made for Kinect