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  1. Great episode, I loved the deep dive into Twilight Struggle, I am going to look at getting a copy, but seems to be out of stock in the UK I generally prefer it when the hosts have an in depth discussion on one game or theme (Crusader Kings 2 is a good example of this), as opposed to when its 4 or 5 small indie games that only one person has played.
  2. I believe it should be Waga's Mama
  3. Is James 'Spaff' Spafford a rotating cast member now? Nice to hear an English accent on my podcasts now and again!
  4. Idle Thumbs 201: Adults Only

    In the UK - newer purpose built towns and cities are generally more right angled, see Milton Keynes for example.
  5. IDLE THUMBS 200

    Got a real vibe from that opening theme. Congrats on 200 episodes!
  6. The original (excellent) interview with the 'God of Gods' was from Eurogamer btw Also - is there going to be a new version of the theme tune for episode 200?
  7. Idle Thumbs 189: Serious Ma'am

    Interesting talk on Serial this week - I'm glad Chris pulled Danielle up on her point, I don't think the success of serial in any way comes from the fact that Adnan and Hae are from minority backgrounds, its the at times bizarre details of the case, and Sarah and co's examination into it. If the victim and the accused had both been white I don't think it would have impacted its success.
  8. That Breckon Sims 3 story. MAN
  9. Well now I'm embarrassed, I can't work out how to delete this post so ill just edit it instead
  10. Kind of bumbed we didn't get to hear the live rendition of the theme song
  11. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I'll admit I don't fully 'get' Patreon - I've only become aware of its existence through various Podcasts that are supported through Patreon, I didn't really know that Game Development could be supported directly on there until the hulabalo came out in the last few days. I personally don't think that its really an issue - as others have brought up, it’s really no different from purchasing a game when you really break it down - although at first glance it does FEEL different. Which, I think, is the crux of the issue. Disclosure is not normally to prevent conflicts of interest or impropiety, but it prevents the appearance of it. If I read an article, then find out later that the author is giving money to the subject, it will probably skew my perception of it in retrospect. If I know at the time I read it, that information allows me to be aware of the connection and that can feed into my interpretation of the piece and the subject of the piece. If your outlet thinks Patreon is unacceptable for subjects of articles, then ban it, but if you don't, you should at least allow the readers all the information and let them make their own minds up
  12. A subset of the ‘discussion’, if you can call it that, over the last week or so is the ethics of Patreon and games journalists directly supporting the people they cover. I’m not sure where I land on this – does anyone have any thoughts either way?
  13. I am in the camp of 'I don't like scary things'. I don't watch horror movies and I havn't played a game for a significant amount of time that would be considered scary (Well, Dead Space 1 I suppose might be the exception). This episode had me thinking about it, and I generally think that I just don't enjoy the tension of it, especially because I know that it is artificial. Not that other games don't make me tense - tough sequences or being close to a failure state can certainly do it, but it's generally just something I don't personally enjoy in horror. That said - the idea behind PT is great, I personally wish more of these sorts of experiences or 'vertical slices' of games from E3 or Gamescom could be released to the wider public with the infrastructure that is in place on modern consoles and PC's. How great would it be to have a new game announced and instead of watching a 4 minute trailer you could go home and play a 20 minute chunk?
  14. Idle Thumbs 168: I Like the Hair

    Level capped in the Destiny Beta yesterday and the thing that detracts massivly for me, as was touched on by the cast, is the story, or lack there of. Bungie are so good at creating interesting worlds, but there are barely a couple of generic story beats in the whole beta. Its possible they are holding something back, but once you are revived by the Guilty Spark type Dink-bot (despite apparently being dead 'a long time', its never mentioned again in the first 4 hours). There is a quick cut scene with the Speaker and thats it for the whole thing.