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  1. Episode 268: Pickett's Charge

    I heard about this podcast on the UG:G Steam forum. I am glad to hear you guys like this game as much as I do. A couple things I wanted to add to what you said. To better judge terrain hit 'M'. It brings up a terrain elevation overlay, I use it at all times. You can wheel units by holding down the middle mouse button and moving left or right. The act of reloading alone will lower condition, even more so with lower experienced troops . Infantry and artillery. I agree with whoever said that the beauty of UG:G is the fact that morale, and to a lesser degree condition, is abstract. As it should be. In SMG you could tell the exact moment a unit would rout. This is not the way UG:G is. As a commander in UG:G you have to take a lot of factors into account on your own and that is what makes it great.