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  1. DOTA 2

    Hey guys, Myself and two friends will be playing our first DOTA 2 game Saturday morning (around 10am GMT) and I just wanted to say to invite any fellow noobs to come play/ wildly farm/ die with us. I imagine we will play against each other using bots. Also if you're more experienced but fancy imparting your obscure knowledge on fictional economies that's cool too. We just thought it would be fun to have a go and get a small taste before TI3. I appreciate if you are not in England this is all irrelevant so here's something terrible from the web: http://www.geekdecor.net/star-wars-crap-vinyl-decal/
  2. Plug your shit

    I think i'm going to keep dipping into this thread as there's lots of cool stuff to see. As a Hearthstone player Nachimir has made me need a long hard think. I'm going to go now... off into the mountains, and show the goat Ranked mode. My friend and I do a surreal comedy podcast that verges on free form D&D. careful traveler: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-holland-cowle-podcast/id520817628?mt=2 I've wrote and acted in this (it's a short-film about love, Lego, and dunking your head in things): Dota update: I now know what 'Gank' means. im hdhdhdhai has r
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello, long time listener, first time forum poster. Recently I've been diving into Dota with YouTube & Dota Today despite having no idea whats going on. It is the nerd equivalent of whale song at the present. A soft wave of soothing acronyms. Hello, nice to be here. I like your curtains.