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  1. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    Damn. Now I'm regretting not taking my sister's offer of buying me the MGS collection on Vita. Also, seconded on Acid 2. It's a pretty weird (maybe even broken) game but I loved it.
  2. I've had similar experiences with anxiety (both social and performance anxiety) when playing online video games. Much more so since I am an introvert and I feel more focused when I don't mind what other people think of what I'm doing. I overcame this was when I was when I played World of Tanks. It's 15v15 with randomly matchmade players on each side so nobody gets to choose who they end up with (except if it's a platoon where you can bring with you 2 of your friends). I'm not sure about the community here in NA since I play (or at least before I immigrated here) on the Asia server but the fact that at the lower tiers you fucking up or the potential of you fucking up doesn't really matter in the long run slowly made me confident in playing the game and eventually got me to loosen up. It worked because at the lower tiers, you don't really lose anything so nobody really cares if you're doing well or screwing up or making the team lose. It's just stupid fun. I eventually got real good at the game and I rarely feel nervous when playing in the higher tiers where losing really means wasting resources and annoying other people. It also probably helped that I couldn't understand the trashtalk because it's in a different language and everybody is struggling with some form of broken english to communicate so it was also amusing. All MMO Asian Servers are like that. Nobody can communicate hostility well and everybody's communicating awkwardly. It takes a lot of the edge out. XD
  3. Telling my parents about my sister moving out

    Obviously this is a matter that involves so many layers that any opinion or advice we share here should be taken with mindful consideration. That said, I have to make some assumptions as well. If she's really set her mind to leave, as long as there's a solid plan in place for it, I don't see anything drastically wrong with it (other than the fact that it is risky and possibly dangerous, of course). Runaways happen but they happen for a reason and it doesn't always mean everything's going down the drain. However, since you mentioned financial troubles involved her to move out, you should also think about or at least plan about what to do after because things will change especially when it involves money. To be honest, if she did plan all these things out solidly and everything on her end works out well, I'm more concerned about you and your parents because this will "just happen" to you suddenly.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi everyone! Long time listener. First time poster in a community forum. Jack-of-all-Trades. Master-of-None. Oddly enough, it was hard to find a place to start being active online because of my background in video games. I was born at a weird time and place to love video games in the same way as you guys do so a lot of things either fly over my head or make me feel out of place because I wasn't born to experience it. But I think Idle Thumbs has that mix of weirdness and passion that I feels perfect for me. So here I go! See ya!