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  1. [Release] Eyes of the G-Man

    I enjoy very much that, in its current state, spiders just overwhelm you and fill the entire eye without the game acknowledging said overwhelming in any way before the game just gives up and dies. Sweet.
  2. The End of Mad Men: "Time & Life"

    So happy you guys read my editor email "on air". Jake's Amazon Instant streaming seems like the way to watch since you lose those frustrating ad breaks; but as per usual, it's not offered outside the 'States. Since I only started picking up on this editing thing in Season 6, I'm curious what editing styles previous editors instilled on the show. Wilson's first episode was "The Gold Violin" late in season 2 (which features one of my favourite opening scenes with a smooth talking car salesman selling Don on a Cadillac); since then, he's edited an additional 21 episodes, more than any one of the other ten editors this show has had. Christopher Gay is 3rd with 14 episodes, and Malcolm Jamieson is 2nd with 15. I'd love to study Jamieson's contribution to the show in more detail as all of his 15 episodes came within the first three seasons of the show (most notable of which was pilot). I imagine Jamieson had a fairly instrumental role in establishing the show's editing style, one I'd be curious to know whether Wilson adopted or adapted.
  3. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Doh - hit enter to confirm my submission for a single box but ended up confirming my entire entry after only listing a country. I'm now living in Nunavut... if anyone has the ability to change this, I live in Vancouver, BC, wouldn't mind showing up there. Thanks!
  4. [Release] Eyes of the G-Man

    Oh man! That is convincing! Especially the initial burst. We should make a mod that just replaces all audio files in Half-Life 2 with our work - would be marvellous.
  5. [Release] Eyes of the G-Man

    Hey fellow thumbians! I composed and produced the music for "Eyes of the G-Man". I always love documenting any work I do, so I made a quick little video highlighting how I came up with the piece (which involved stealing a short section of the Idle Thumbs theme from episode 125). Have a watch if you're interested! And the piece itself: Happy I had an opportunity to contribute to this game and the Wizard Jam in general. The Thumbs community is pretty sweet after all. David Cowling @AprilFoolsChild
  6. Team Building Thread

    Hey all. Putting my name in the ring a little late, but sound never gets tacked on until the very end anyway, right? I'm a composer and sound designer. I'm most comfortable writing ambient, ethereal, minimal music (often good for emotional punches), but I'm capable of most genres of writing if you're in a pinch. With my equipment, I could also offer voice over work or soundscape design. A link to my work: https://theaprilfoolschildrenhood.bandcamp.com/ I don't have any specific game-sound experience, so integration will be all in your hands, but if you want a specialized .wav file for your game, send me a message. Cheers, and happy jamming
  7. Really enjoyed Sean's thoughts on conflict in narrative. Having just recently seen The Trip to Italy (and being someone who rewatched The Trip multiple times), it puts into perspective for me what's so unique about that movie (/tv series). There's something refreshing about existing in a (relatively) conflict-less narrative space for a few hours.
  8. Idle Thumbs 193: General Interest

    Good thing I listened to this right away, because it'll probably take me a full week to forgive Richard Jacob for this.