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  1. You can now sort NatureBox snacks by various curators: https://naturebox.com/browse#category/all-snacks When will Idlethumbs be one of the curators on that list? NatureBox currently doesn't allow you to sort by form-factor.
  2. Warupichi almost achieved video fame in Mario Tennis in 2000:
  3. According to Star Citizen's website, there has been $44,696,913 raised and there are 463,019 "Star Citizens". Assuming only Star Citizens have donated, that's an average of $96.53 per Star Citizen. Obviously, there's deviation among those (eg. the $30.00 single-ship-model Chris bought and the sold-out $15,000.00 multi-ship-model), but it's not quite the "3 millionaires" scenario mentioned.