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  1. What happened to Sean on Idle Thumbs?

    I'd settle for an appearance on the podcast.
  2. What happened to Sean on Idle Thumbs?

    I'm not a regular on these forums, but i'm a very regular listener to the podcast. Is this really the first time this has come up? I honestly found it maddening when Sean wasn't on for ages and no-one on the cast mentioned it. I really wanted to know wtf was going on. Anyway, now I know...I understand the reasoning there, but it feels like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sean is an excellent podcaster, and he should be on the show at least sometimes.
  3. [Released] ROBOT NEWS by me, Dinosaursssssss

    Thanks for this! Good fun.
  4. The Next President

    I'm in Ireland so we have our own media and the british media is a big thing here too. Presidential elections are always huge over here. Right now, it's wall to wall Trump being a dickhead and has been for weeks. I must confess to some Trump anxiety myself. Plenty of coverage of Bernie Sanders too. It's great to see someone say what he's saying on a national platform, and I hope that energy is harnessed somehow. It's a shame he's going to be beaten by Clinton, because she is flatly untrustworthy and uninspiring. She's a hawk and a shill for the banks. I hope she beats Trump or Cruz (surely the greatest demonstration of a Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich the world has ever seen. Cruz is terrifying, Trump is an idiot and terrifying), but the thought of a Clinton presidency does not fill me with hope.
  5. Sports

    Problem with both sports is your market is pretty small. Basically the white parts of the British Empire along with France for Rugby. If and when consoles hit India in a big way, there might be some point in putting a lot of money into a cricket game. There is plenty of cheap ones on IOS (and probably android?) though, and the same dev that makes the Don Bradman game on PS3 and 360 made some Rugby League games up to last year. No idea if they were any use.
  6. Sports

    Well spotted! This is one of the key things about cricket, the tension between protecting your wicket and scoring runs. Obviously you'd play very differently in a 20 over game over a five day test match. I don't really want to compare it to baseball because I don't know enough about baseball, but I think the main thing that cricket has is options - the bowler can bowl at a much bigger area in terms of height and width. He can try and suck the batsman in to playing a shot he shouldn't be playing. Also the bounce can add another dimension, a top spinner can spin the ball two ways (or not at all), and fast bowlers can use seam and swing to further bamboozle the batsman. When it comes to the batsman, he has a bat with a flat surface so has much more control over the ball. Add the 360 degree field you mentioned and they can be extremely creative with their shots. As for video games, I really love Cricket, but i've not really played any decent games. Not sure why that is. Maybe the amount of options available make it too technical? It's a tough balance between satisfying cricket nerds and casual players. Apparently the new Don Bradman game is meant to be decent though...