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  1. Episode 274: Mail call!

    I try my best to promote 3MA in Germany For about a year or so I have been writing news for a German online magazine for every single episode. Often lovely discussions followed suit I think in one of the more recent podcasts the guys mentioned that subscriber numbers are constantly growing?
  2. Episode 274: Mail call!

    Hi :-) Thanks for the great shows The gaming website I write for (as a senior user) uses similar methods as described by hexgrid. Among other bonusses, if you subscribe, you get to see a certain video format two hours earlier than the non-subscribers. You can also do a "one-time-purchase" of 99 Euro-Cent to see it immediately. This could be done for 3MA as well. Personally, I believe sufficient ppl might subscribe without actual bonusses but just to support the show. Obviously, this would (or at least should) put you in a position where you could maybe communicate how the money is used. I like your idea, Troy, to install a system where ppl can subscribe for a sum of money they can determine. ---------------- Another suggestion: The same webpage asks for donations for specific purposes, usually around christmas, that benefit the webpage and content produce (e.g. a new camera). You could, by way of example, ask for donations for an iPad for Rob or a trip to Firaxiscon or to allow you to make time available to discuss a very time demanding game. You could set the amount you need and ask for donations. If the money donated does not suffice and any excess money could be carried over to the next project. I suggest to not use Kickstarter etc. due to the extra costs involved. You could even do a poll, e.g.: Would you like us to discuss the time demanding game A, B or C. This way it could also be ensured that your listeners are actually interested in the time/money consuming topic (well, interested enough to (help) financing it ). Personally, I would be most interested in more games being discussed, including time demanding games. I am not interested in iPad games (I don't have an iPad). I not that interested in trips to events either. Of course, every person has different priorities and could help funding accordingly.
  3. My first post Bruce, I would like to thank you for this fantastic series. I would like to see more, be it on a specific conflict or game mechanic. I think a series of 3 or 4 is about right. It gives you different perspectives. Since there has always been a «regular» 3MA podcast between the parts of the series, it is for sure not an overdose What I particularly liked about the series was that you and your guest brought in a lot of expertise and historical and political background information (and how it might be reflected in the game). Also the short explanations (eg for a specific offensive in the current podcast) were very much appreciated. Personally, I am interested in all types of topics I'd like to suggest the First World War, the French-German War 1870/71, the (Spanish) Conquest of the New World or the different take on very specific offensives such as the Battle of the Bulge. I'd also enjoy, if possible, to include one PC Game. Thanks a lot for the Podcasts. Ben