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  1. I wish I could find the image re: Zelda's top down physics. But there is a hand drawn image of what link would look like slashing down a hill and his arm is impossibly long and the enemies are terrified of his inhuman ability to become death from above.
  2. The hardest I have laughed in years has been at Monster Factory. Justin McElroy and Griffin McElroy are the Polygon Employees who make the show. They also are the hosts of My Brother, My Brother and Me along with their 3rd brother Travis. Comedy Geniuses. I cannot recommend them enough.
  3. I searched for this link in the topic and didn't find it so here it is: All known locations of PacMan Battle Royale. I did not make it so I can't verify any of the data.
  4. Idle Fantasy Doto

    Is there anyone left over who didn't make it in to this one who would like to be a part of a League? I am looking for a group.
  5. Is anyone looking in to doing this? The max group is 10 people, so multiple groups can do this. I've never participated in any other Fantasy Sport things before. So I'm the worst to be in charge of this. Anyone interested? Info here: