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  1. Is this game title bad?

    Yay functional motion tracker! Can you tell I liked Alien Isolation a lot?
  2. Is this game title bad?

    Thanks guys. Here's a preview of sweet crate hiding action, if that's your thing. That badass piece of whitebox tech is to be a motion tracker.
  3. Is this game title bad?

    Ah, that's a good point, I like that. This better?
  4. Is this game title bad?

    I like this. The big reveal could be that unbeknownst to you the vessel was actually trafficking unlicensed weapons from the Philippines. Out of despair, you seppuku out of an airlock.
  5. Is this game title bad?

    Damn, you'd think I would have searched that first, huh? My crackpot infringment research amounted to a search on Steam, lol. That doesn't really bother me, but would it bother them? That game is free, looks pretty under the radar; do you think they trademarked the title?
  6. Is this game title bad?

    Awesome! Thanks guys, the naysayers can derelict my balls. Thoughts on the logo? I know the sun-flare-behind-nonsensical-eclipse is overused at this point, but I thought a flat, one color version would be somewhat unique.
  7. Is this game title bad?

    "Derelict." I've been working on a game for a while now, its a sci-fi/horror-lite game on an abandoned science vessel, the premise being you're part of a salvage crew sent to dismantle it. Unfortunately, when I mention the title to friends and family, almost no one is familiar with the definition of the word derelict in this context, they immediately think "bum" or "you can derelict my balls, capitan." I made a logo yesterday too, which I'm pretty happy with,
  8. Unity Questions Thread

    He did however quit, though, in November
  9. Unity Questions Thread

    Honestly, its just the ease of use. Once you understand the setup everything is very nicely WYSIWYG, and integrating fonts and stuff is really easy too, for 1-drawcall GUI's. Scaling for resolution out of the box is nice too, and the library of easy tweens and triggers (for sound fx and stuff). I concepted a spell casting system for my game a few weeks ago, mocked up the GUI, then had it integrated into NGUI within a couple hours, with some nice bells and whistles like animations, shakes, sounds, etc.. You can check it out here if you want: Hit 'R' to open the "runeweaving" GUI You could probably make that with billboards, 3d text's and GUITexture's, but it be an awful lot of work, and it wouldn't be atlased for one drawcall.
  10. Video Game Baby - Idle Parents

    Oh man, I wore out a VHS copy of Robocop when I was 6. Why did they make toys for that!? I remember I had the bubble bath, too. My 4.5 year old guy loves Mario (New SMB and SMB3DW), the Nintendoland pack-in game, and Ghostbusters. God he loves Ghostbusters. He makes me draw Ghostbusters, "proton streams" and traps all the time. I built him a trap for his birthday that he still plays with: We don't let him play more than an hour or two a day, and very rarely have we ever had to actively enforce that restriction; we pack his days with lots of activities most of the time and he's rarely upset at dropping the controller. I recently showed him Goat Simulator, he thinks its hysterical.
  11. Unity Questions Thread

    I did something similar with my weapon mounting, but rather than saving specific sets of local transform values somewhere for every weapon and use that as the instantiate parameters, I positioned each weapon correctly parented to the weapon hand, then created a new empty gameobject at that same position/rotation, parented the weapon to it, and then saved that empty gameobject (with child weapon object) as my weapon prefab. That way, each weapon prefab's root is an empty gameobject with the weapon object parented to it with the correct offset, so I could just instantiate them right on the hand with no position/rotation fiddling.
  12. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Oh man I totally felt the same way. That intro was 110 minutes longer than it needed to be for how derivative the game is. Like you all I wanted to do was get to the surface, and by the time I did I was burned out. Uninstalled. I think I quit Dark Souls 2. I'm 45 hours in, just got to the Shrine of Amana and I think I'm just burned out. I took a few days off and now when I try going back to it just feels alien to me.
  13. Simulating People: Walk, Run, Idle, Thumb

    Coincidentally I planned on started coding my AI today for my new game today. Here's a a simple coroutine based state machine I worked up so far. Feel free to borrow #pragma strict //state declaration private enum AIState{ Patrolling, Pursuing, Attacking } //the current AI state var state : AIState = AIState.Patrolling; //interval at which to determine current state var determineStateInterval : float = 0.25; //distance from target to start attacking var attackDistance : float = 3.0; //the maximum distance this unit can sense valid targets var targetCheckDistance : float = 30.0; //the layers to check for potential targets var targetCheckLayers : LayerMask; //the visibility angle the target needs to be in for this unit to "see" it var targetCheckAngle : float = 90.0; //the actual target var target : Transform; function Start(){ //start determining current state every determineStateInterval seconds InvokeRepeating("DetermineState", 0.0, determineStateInterval); } function DetermineState(){ //if we have a target if(target){ //check distance to target var distanceToTarget = Vector3.Distance(target.position, transform.position); //if we're within attack range if(distanceToTarget <= attackDistance){ //start attacking if not already SetState(AIState.Attacking); } //if the target has escaped the awareness distance of target checks else if(distanceToTarget >= targetCheckDistance){ //drop the target, as he has escaped target = null; } //we are not within attack range else{ //start pursuing if not already SetState(AIState.Pursuing); } } //we have no target else{ //check for new targets CheckForTargets(); //if we still have no target if(!target){ //return to patrolling if not already SetState(AIState.Patrolling); } } } function CheckForTargets(){ //we already have a target, no reason to look for more if(target) return; //sweep for target colliders within range var targetColliders = Physics.OverlapSphere(transform.position, targetCheckDistance, targetCheckLayers); //loop through potential targets for (var i = 0; i < targetColliders.Length; i++){ //get direction to target var dirToPotentialTarget = targetColliders[i].transform.position - transform.position; //get angle between forward and target dir var angleToPotentialTarget : float = Vector3.Angle(transform.forward, dirToPotentialTarget); //if the target is within visible angle range if(angleToPotentialTarget <= targetCheckAngle){ //set him as the target target = targetColliders[i].transform; } } } function SetState(newState : AIState){ //we're already in the state we're attempting to move to, return if(state == newState) return; //cancel the last states routine StopCoroutine(state.ToString()); //set new state state = newState; //start new state's routine StartCoroutine(state.ToString()); } function Patrolling(){ //do patrol stuff yield; } function Pursuing(){ //do pursuit stuff yield; } function Attacking(){ //do attack stuff yield; }
  14. Visual Art!

    Does 3d art count? I started making an orc, so my knight guy has something to fight.
  15. Unity: What I needed to know.

    Fun thing I learned yesterday: I wanted to add easing to a Color.Lerp() I was doing... the only built in function to my knowledge that is comparable to Lerp but with hermite style easing is Mathf.SmoothStep(), but obviously that only works on floats, not colors (or vectors, or quaternion, if you wanted to add easing to transform movements/rotations). But, you can just SmoothStep your t value! t = timer/duration; Color.Lerp(startColor, endColor, Mathf.SmoothStep(0.0, 1.0, t)); Tada!