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  1. Wedge [DevLog]/Hype Train

    How Procedural Generation Currently Works There's really not much to it. Each tube is loaded in to an array. Tubes are selected with a random number generator and instantiated. Every 3rd piece is rotated so that the track does not intersect with itself. Each tube has a marked in point which is saved and then reloaded as the start point for the next tube. This system is surprisingly robust for generating testable gameplay. The fundamental design of wedge makes it such that obstacles can be chained in any combination. This enables the procedural generation to be very simple while still allowing for wide variations in level structure. One thing I don't like about this approach is that is allows for almost no control over level pacing or frequency of tube repetition. The next step for this component of the project is to add a system for weighting the probability of selection for each tube.
  2. Wedge [DevLog]/Hype Train

    Additions over the past week BOOST! Well shit.. it was working before I started writing this post. Worm Thing! I actually haven't implemented this little guy anywhere yet, but there is a lot of potential here. The code is pretty simple. The first cube moves forward on a sine wave: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class worm : MonoBehaviour { public float MoveSpeed = 5.0f; public float frequency = 20.0f; // Speed of sine movement public float magnitude = 0.5f; // Size of sine movement private Vector3 axis; private Vector3 pos; void Start() { pos = transform.position; axis = -transform.right; } void Update() { pos += transform.up * Time.deltaTime * MoveSpeed; transform.position = pos + axis * Mathf.Sin(Time.time * frequency) * magnitude; } } Subsequent cubes use a different script that tells them to follow the cube ahead of itself: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class follow : MonoBehaviour { public Transform targ; public float speed; void Update () { transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, targ.transform.position, speed); transform.LookAt(targ); } } There is no limit to the length of the "worm," but the worm effect quickly drops off as you add cubes. Long tails will just drag behind in a flat line. Lots of new tube styles!
  3. Wedge [DevLog]/Hype Train

    Good question. It is being developed for VR devices, but there will also be a non-VR version. I've edited the post to clarify.
  4. Wedge [DevLog]/Hype Train

    WEDGE Wedge is a fast paced VR racer slated to be released in April of 2016. PLANNED FEATURES_______________________________ 10 pre-authored tracks, each taking 5 minutes of play time to complete for an average skill player 40 high-quality prefab tubes for procedural generation personal best time ghosting daily or weekly procedural track seed online leaderboard Option to import audio tracks Music Visualizer that drives the movement of obstacles and colors of materials STATUS 0/10 authored tracks 22 prefab tubes ghosting design not started no seeding system no leader board system no audio track import feature Visualizer fully implemented VR device support fully implemented SCREENSHOTS
  5. XBox E3 2013
  6. I have a PS2 related dilemma.

    After a certain amount of time every console can only be powered by a combination of VooDoo magic and profane ritual. Take a handful of peyote buttons in to the Mojave for one week and you shall find the knowledge that you seek.
  7. Cities: Skylines

    My city isn't super huge but i'm starting to see signs of cpu stress. Anyone have a sense of cpu limitations in this game? Simcity 4 performance was abysmal but so far CS has been buttery smooth.
  8. Neverwinter

    In terms of combat it's significantly more dynamic. Blocking is really important for my warrior, but I have to press shift to raise my shield and block when an enemy takes a swing at me - it's not a passive proc. Also your sword just swings when you click and connects if an enemy is there, as opposed to WoW where your character has to tab-focus a single target and is forced to attack automatically at regular intervals. The combat overall is more on the hack and slash side, but there is still some structure to the flow. The quest structures and objectives are standard as can be, but I think the environment design is strong enough to make up for that. Combat aside, the game doesn't really do anything original as far as I have seen, but it doesn't pretend to be more than what it is which is nice.
  9. Neverwinter

    I've been playing this with a friend over the past week and I'm really enjoying it. The combat is amazingly dynamic for an MMO. The strengths of this game are in the details of it's systems. For example, many world sounds are triggered server side, so my buddy and I hear the same idle barks and at the same time. Does anyone know if the Xbox One and PC clients will share servers?
  10. That is the bedrock for a design I plan to be expanding on greatly. So, you know, test early, test often.
  11. All this talk of Aliens has me wanting to watch the movie for the first time. Turns out there's Alien, then there's Aliens. Which should I start with? Quick google search.. I think I see where this is going... Aaaaaand full circle. Works for me.
  12. Twitch streams

    I'm currently browsing twitch streams, but not finding anything terribly interesting. Any recommendations?
  13. Pretend I don't know the first thing about making games

    I think Construct 2 is a perfect tool for someone starting out: Super simple, well designed, and abstracts programming in a very easy to understand way. Exports to html5, so you can share and iterate on designs rapidly. I started with construct and will probably always use it for quick prototyping at the very least, though it is a viable engine in it's own right as well.
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    Have each player attached to a bungee that is connected to their goal side. Going out in to the middle would stretch the bungee which would kind of make movement in the middle trickier. i think it would feel pretty cool for the player, control wise.