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  1. You get it back every time you help the host succeed. If he dies or you die, you don't get it back. Success also restores spell uses and weapon durability. So coop offers real benefits, if you pull through.
  2. SolForge - Another free to play CCG

    I play it for nearly a year now (I think). I somehow got addicted to grinding the daily rewards against normal computers (when I'm on the toilet). My own metagame is to find decks that kill the AI the fastest way possible. but I actually hardly ever play against other players.
  3. Petrified can be traded at the "Slot Machine Birds", if you get a good drop, it can be amazing. Best gift for beginners is definitely the assortment of healing items. There is no super OP gift, like the Master Key was in 1.
  4. You can get humanity back by aiding someone in coop. Since I enjoy doing that anyway, that was my method of choice for my 2 playthroughs on PS3. Effigies are also not that rare. You can buy them from several NPCs and you get some from time to time, if go back to the Old Ladies you meet for you character creation.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi there. Finally decided to join the forums. Have been listening to the idle thumbs podcast since it made its comeback. I am pretty much obsessed with games. Always 1 game at a time, which changes from time to time. After spending way too much time on Dota 2 and then Hearthstone, I am completely into Dark Souls 2 at the moment. Finished 2 times on PS3 and now strongly considering to also buy the PC version. Hope to get some cool conversations here. Haven't been active in a forum for some years (i'm 30) and kind of miss it. So yeah. Hi.