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  1. Welcome to WIZARD JAM

    This looks real fun! Might make something small =)
  2. Awesome doing motion capture for a student project! What program/tools did you use for the motion capture? The characters looks really rad! cheers
  3. I've only heard about construct 2, and from what i've heard it's really easy and fun. Anyway, If you really just starting out I would agree that looking into a level editor of some kind is a good place to start.
  4. Idle Sugar

    word! they truly are.
  5. Lego is Still Cool

    That robot looks awesome, can't wait for updates on the head!
  6. Idle Sugar

    The salty licorice is the best. We have loads of really good licorice in sweden.
  7. I think it's the one. It's really interesting but also really disturbingly creepy somehow.
  8. Idle Sugar

    Sounds nicem, was it "salty licorice" or more like "sugary licorice" ? Licorice is the best! Ever tried like Vanilla Ice Cream with Licorice 'nibs' and chili? It's awesome.