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  1. Long time, First time, i just wanted to say, I really enjoy the winding down aspect of this podcast. So imagine my surprise as Danielle suddenly started discussing Essex in Whaling non-fiction. I really perked up I’m my seat! Anyway, keep up the good work! I can only recommend this show! cheers, big fan or super-mom and grand-war-pa!
  2. Oh man! I totally forgot about the Commandos, Desperados and Shadow Tactics of the world! I'll definitely have a look at Sattelite Reign! At first sight the verbs seem to be a little different then what I liked specifically about DoW2 campaign but it's worth a try ^^ Thank you!
  3. I have really enjoyed the DoW3 campaign with all the usual 40k pseudo serious stuff it brings with it. Though on several occasions it reminded me how much I missed the DoW2 campaign. Real Time Tactics always felt like the most fitting way to describe it. Not to derail this topic (sorry if I do) but are any of you aware of games that are similar to the DoW2 campaign? Smaller small scope but similar verbs of interaction as an RTS. Lords Management games not withstanding.
  4. I'm having a hard time listening to this show as I get the impression you guys are talking over each other quite a lot. It's really uncomfortable to listen to for me
  5. I'm unsure if this is the right thread but... Animatronic pirates being attacked by animatronic tourists while animatronic dinos are riding around them in animatronic rides?
  6. German hour on voice chat

    Du meinst bestimmt Video Spiele?
  7. Intoxicated:

    I recently suggested to Chris to move to Germany with the entirety of Campo Santo if Trumpf wins while I was drinking. Now sober I still agree with my drunk ass self.
  8. Things to look forward to?

    My dream of a Master of Orion style 40k game where combat is resolves in LoMa matches has died today. In it's place a searing flame of 40k hype has ignited that will consume me whole until dow3 is released.
  9. The new incursion is really hard. And we have only tried the lower difficulty mode. I like the increase in difficulty but I'm afraid it's gonna end up being a Dragonball level of power creep. After we finished the hard mode Russian consulate in challenging mode was rather easy.
  10. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    So here is a strange one. I thought about if it would be possible to have a video game that has a bigoted narrator but is not a bigoted work as a whole. Sorry if my thoughts are not posted in a complete form but as snippets. D:
  11. I'm actually not sure if Badfinger meant different Dark Zones aka 01 to 06 or different Dark Zone instances aka forcing a server switch for the same Dark Zone. Other than the garbage political implications and explicit garbage I'm having a blast playing it. My group cleared all of the Challenging Modes and we even did a pistols and shields only of Lincoln Tunnel Challenging Mode, I hope the Incursions are really hard. For the longest time I thought I hated running traditional MMO Instances or even raid style activities but considering how much I like having hard content in the division i think it was the style of interaction that made it unappealing for me.
  12. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Hmmmm.... The WW2 period is rather transparent in that regard as it feels like it's the time most of those tropes where formed. Sadly I'm having trouble coming up with examples from the modern times.
  13. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    So, I had a random thought. I did ask Austin Walker for his opinion but he ignored me (which is fine) and I joked at Chris Remo about it on twitter. Do people have thoughts about how Germans and Russians are represented in video games? For context: I'm originally from Ukraine and live in Germany at the moment.