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  1. Plug your shit

    I am an environment artist student/freelance person. I made a few Firewatch assets last night for fun instead of sleeping. Here's a silly lamp Here's a silly Walkie Talkie I am also currently working on Black Ice The Game Remaking every single asset to make them look pretty and creating a few new enemy types. Go support it on greenlight! Extremely fun game made by a single talented programmer. I'll link my folio if I ever get it up and running again.
  2. The Firewatch Typewriter

    You could have made something up for me. Still its a fine typewriter I must say
  3. The Firewatch Typewriter

    I am following the Firewatch development as closely as one can and I have noticed that the typewriter that Olly concepted and Jane modeled/textured is the same typewriter that shows up as the background when you mouse over the quarterly review button. Obviously they used the physical typewriter as reference for the in-game one and they decided to make it the very first model they made. So what is the deal with this type writer guys why is it so significant to the people of Campo Santo?
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone! I'm The Devious Dev or you can call me Sam. I am a an armature indie game developer/ artist and student. Its been a while since I have been a part of a forum community besides Polycount and CGHub(R.I.P.) and I figured it was about time I talk to normal people once again. My goal is to one day work at Campo Santo! Any who how is everyone doing?