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  2. Another very interesting look at wargames and the Vietnam war. I almost want to buy 'Vietnam 1965-1975" just to look at it and try and 'read' it as a work of history, but it would never get played and that would make me sad. I hope that after the already recorded trilogy is done, there will be a return to this subject if/when additional guests can be found. Also an overview of the Vietnam war based wargames that are available and worth checking out would be really cool.
  3. Yay! Also keep being rad and making the shows sound good! (any chance of hints on who the other designers will be for the other two Vietnam War episodes?)
  4. I really liked the episode. It was very interesting to hear about Mr. Kershaw's interpretations of the American involvement in the Vietnam war and how he translated into a solitaire board game. The issues and challenges of trying to take a big. messy piece of history and distill it down into a formalized rule-set are really interesting to me. I loved the 'Winter of War-gaming' and was sad to see it come to a conclusion. This series looks like a continuation of the bits of the 'Winter' that had me hooked. Does anyone have any recommendations for Vietnam War computer strategy games? The only ones I'm aware of are Men of War: Vietnam (which I heard mixed to negative things about), and two John Tiller's Squad Battles games (both of which are rather imposing looking and at $40 are a bit expensive for an impulse purchase). If I go with a Tiller game, it seems like Tour of Duty is the more recent and improved version(?). If anyone's interested, I think this is Mr. Geryk's review hosted on 1UP: http://www.1up.com/games/pc/tour-of-duty/review edited to add: Here's an interesting piece by Mr. Tiller himself about making a war-game covering an era that is still unresolved and raw: http://fly.hiwaay.net/~tiller/html/a_vietnam_wargame.html edited later to add: Well I went and bought Tour of Duty, let's see what happens when someone with little background in computer war-games tries to play the finest 2002 has to offer
  5. I am incredibly excited to listen to this episode and will look forward to the other two episodes. I've been reading a lot about the Vietnam war recently, and am super curious to hear what Bruce and guests have to say!