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  1. Jazz

    I've been listening to Jazz for most of my life (though that is not much to say, at 19 years old). Just can't actually enjoy any other genre. I have definitely moved from a bebop- hardbop obsession to a more wider/contemporary scene. I'm currently listening to some Dave Holland, specially his more jazz-oriented work (not really that fond of his rock/acid new albums), definitely give him a try if you enjoy some superb bass grooves, with some of the best contemporary soloists. Regarding contemporary drummers, stanton moore's work is fantastic. Just can't get enough of that new orleans vibe. (audio quality is kinda bad, but my good aren't those guys fcking grooving). Just as a way of closing this post - can't believe that you guys could be talking about jazz and anime in the same thread and haven't still mentioned The Seatbelts (shame on all of you). BTW: Infinite hate and envy for the Op's chance of seeing master Mehldau live. It's hard to live in south america and love jazz I guess...