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    Patented NZ-grown cyberbogan. Drinkin' outta cups. Bein' a bitch.


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    Wellington, New Zealand
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    Making music, making games, playing music, playing games.
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    QA Tester
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    Silent Hill, Max Payne 3, FTL, X-Com: Enemy Unkown, Myst, DOOM, Homeworld 2
  1. Plug your shit

    Hey everyone! Here to plug my band Spook the Horses for your listening pleasure. We're a five-piece post-hardcore outfit from New Zealand, with our second album on the way early next year. We've released the first song from it here: You can also download said song, as well as our first album, both for free on our Bandcamp. For more info visit our website, snazzily made in Squarespace (tyvm Thumbs for the discount). For fans of Isis, Cult of Luna, Kongh, Keretta, Jakob, Explosions In the Sky and Kollwitz
  2. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    While I'm here, I have been really (REALLY) vibing on Jon Hopkins recently. Can anyone recommend some other good driving, ambient electronic music like his album Immunity?
  3. Plug your shit

    When I'm not making, playing or thinking about video games (or drinking), I am usually making heavy music with my best friends. We've got our second album coming out this year. Have a hoon! (fans of Cult of Luna, Isis, Kollwitz, general doom, sludge, post-rock/metal/hadrdcore may enjoy.)
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Both fantastic albums! Cult of Luna are one of my favourite bands. Hadn't heard of The Mire before, thanks for that. Going to shamelessly self-plug here, as there is a chance you may also be into some of the music I make:
  5. Chris' reaction to hearing about the "fading 'S'" is so spot on. Such a 'cheeky-old-Hideo' thing. So much cringe.
  6. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    Same here. Took every precaution possible (lights on, pillow fort, girlfriend by my side) and still couldn't go past the third or so loop.
  7. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    Good lord I have not played anything that has forced me to put down the controller and walk away out of fear for a long, long time. Not since having to hide in my pillow-fort peeking out to try and play Silent Hill 2. I think I agree with Danielle though in that P.T. is likely going to be a lot scarier than whatever Silent Hills turns out to be.