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  1. Happy to see Final Fantasy Tactics worm its way in amongst the strategy/wargame focus
  2. Terminal7 51: I Have Thoughts About Vanilla

    Can't wait for the next episode. I've been having so much fun with Exchange of Information in Argus (with Vanity Project), it's unreal. Ahhhhhhhh now I need to do this with some imported Ice Walls and Fire Walls. It will be called... A Song of Ice and Fire. Send the royalty check to my inbox, I can finally retire.
  3. Chris Crawford's Siboot

    44 hours to go and it needs $33k more, the majority of its goal. I often hear the sentiment that people prefer story-focused games, but it seems no one is ponying up the money behind such words. If an important person like Crawford can't capitalize on that popular sentiment, who else could?
  4. Organising Yourself

    Trello, a notebook, note cards, and an immaculately organized Dropbox folder system for me. I also organize my browser bookmarks, with the largest folder titled "ideas" -- because I'm an idea charlatan. I guess that comes with the turf of worldbuilding a vaguely-fantasy setting; if Tolkien can cannibalize myths, so can I!
  5. Amateur Game Making Night

    It looks great! It's got a nice middleground between realistic and cartoony.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I started listening to 3MA since it covers my favorite genre, and then I realized it was part of a larger network. As soon as I get caught up on those 250 episodes I plan to check out the other podcasts.
  7. Recently completed video games

    I finished the original FTL: Faster than Light at release, but this newest free expansion content dragged me back into the wormhole. I finally got my first win against the Flagship on Normal with the new content installed today. The boss' mind control really does a number on you.
  8. John Dies at the End - David Wong/Jason Pargin

    Has anyone seen both the film and read the book? I've only seen the film so far, but if the book is as good as the film I might go back and read the book.