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  1. I ask mainly because as the folks (and others) have said countless times before there should be more diversity in the industry. If the main character is in fact white it just seems like there really isn't any change. Some could even go as far and say that it's all talk but no action. If the character you play as is a white, straight, male and the story revolves around that then thats fine but I don't see how it would hurt make them pacific islander, or asian, or african-american or any other race/ethnicity that ins't just white. I'm not trying to say "look at these hypocrites" but I just felt maybe I would be able to play someone other than a straight, white, dude, as that's usually what I try to do with games these days, specifically more story driven ones. And honestly thats probably my own fault. I kind of just wanted to know if the main character is white, why is that? That is not to say that I'm not interested in the game and unwilling to play it. I get its a small team and all and it is their first game as this studio I guess I just expected a little bit more from the Thumbs. And again thats probably my own fault.
  2. The game has me intrigued. Art is gorgeous and the story sounds different & mature. I really look forward to hearing more about it. But, I'm going to be the guy. What race is the main protagonist?
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    If you haven't checked out Sylvan Esso yet I strongly recommend them. The folk-elcectro duo have this really unique but accessible sound to them. They are great live too and sound pretty much exactly the same as their recorded stuff.
  4. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I restarted the game because I kept getting squad wipes and being scared, only this time to motivate myself to keep going I've began a writing exercise in which I write "field reports" detailing what happened on the mission and then writing a short narrative based off of or around the events of the mission to give the cannon fodder personality and make me care for them more than simply "another rookie died". However recently I experienced a full squad wipe where several of my favorite characters were killed and I'm finding myself struggling to write how the rest of the characters react. That said, war is hell. I was wondering, has anyone else here done something similar just for fun or as motivation?
  5. Idle Food - Cooking!

    I haven't had it recently but I plan to some time soon. Absolutely fantastic. Thats why I use a Pizza pan. You can find good ones that capture the heat and still give the crisp outside and soft inside for about $15. Just keep it as low as you can on the lowest rack possible and leaving the oven on at 450 F should be fine. Then again all ovens are different and distribute heat differently. That recipe is also one of my personal favorite although I never could find the ingredients list so it always felt off. Thanks for that. I was given the book Pizza Dough 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes by Gabi Moskowitz that has perhaps my favorite dough since it has little tricks to making it rise and ready for cooking real quick. Honestly a stand mixer is a rip off if you don't use it all the time. Any regular hand mixer or mixing utensils can do the same job in the same amount of time for cheaper and less hassle. Adam Savage of Mythbusters and the Tested dot com folks did a podcast on kitchen essentials for anyone interested a month or two ago for anyone interested.
  6. Idle Food - Cooking!

    I've been working on making good homemade Pizza for the past year or so and am still trying to figure out what is the best way to make dough. I've found 1 or 2 ways that I like but I was wondering what are y'alls personal preference?
  7. Other podcasts

    Dan is all right in my book as well. His mentality of "Thats just how I do things and thats how I like it" is charming as he knows that he is clearly the odd one out. He's a wacky silly guy and doesn't shy away from it and I enjoy that in this industry that increasingly is becoming more serious (which is good) but sometimes you just got to laugh at yourself and everything around you. He's not Ryan but I can see why they and the rest get along.
  8. The Great Twitch Purge of Three Weeks From Now

    I am fairly certain that all of the Crusader Kings II Saga has been uploaded to their youtube channel however, backups never hurt nobody.
  9. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I really enjoy the game and recommend it for anyone who maybe wants to get into fighting games or just have a fighting game in their console for parties that isn't Divekick. I follow the lead animator in a number of social networks and that is straight up her style. In a genre that has made the sexualization of women one of the main defining characteristics it could be argued that this game itself is rather tame in comparison to say the Namco fighting games *cough* Ivy *cough* or the Dead or Alive series. Not saying it's right just that it does a better job than most fighting games.
  10. Conversate

    Have you tried the Victorian England mod?
  11. Conversate

    I dunno I think it's all right. But that's just me.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Thank you for the warm welcome Cine.
  13. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey, started listening to Idle Thumbs shortly after the Kickstarter and it quickly became one of the podcasts I enjoyed the most. Been meaning to join the community for a while now and I figured now is as good a time as ever. It appears there are people much smarter than I here and I look forward to engaging in the NPR community of video games as I have come to call it.