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  1. DOTA 2

    Great! When does the patch go live?
  2. DOTA 2

    As much as I love Dota, I haven't played it in like a month. :x The quick match duration is what keeps me going back to HotS over Dota. But I'm currently watching DotaCinema's patch breakdown and I'm really fiending for a game of Dota tonight.
  3. GenCon 2015

    Also... This video is an hour long, but a very cool first-hand look at a bit of GenCon.
  4. GenCon 2015

    Yea it's great for us because we're only 2hrs away, so we drive up Thursday morning and go straight to the convention center, spend all day playing games and whatnot, then check in to our hotel late that night. Then we spend all day Friday at the convention center, check out of our hotel Saturday morning, spend all day Saturday playing more games, and then we drive home that night. We don't do Sunday because everything's wrapping up and for us it's not worth paying for an extra night at a hotel. If you do end up going, I highly suggest getting event tickets to Hickman's Killer Breakfast. Even if you aren't into D&D, it's a very fun live D&D session/show with audience members hosted by Tracy Hickman and his wife Laura. A little preview from a couple years ago: The 7 1/2 min mark is pretty good. Some people come prepared and put on a good show.
  5. GenCon 2015

    Any thumbs attending the best four days in (mostly tabletop) gaming?? It's still about 6 months out, but I'm getting super excited. For those who aren't familiar with GenCon... Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by either attendance or number of events. It features traditional pen-and-paper, board, and card games, including role-playing games, miniatures wargames, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, and strategy games. Gen Con also features computer games. Attendees engage in a variety of tournament and interactive game sessions. In 2014, Gen Con had over 56,600 unique attendees, making it one of the largest conventions in North America. (Copied from Wiki because I'm on my phone and too lazy to type all that right now.
  6. A Dota Engagement

    I think that's my favorite part - having the painting to remind me every time I look at it. He really outdid himself. I also wanted to post a picture of the sketch he got from the artist. You lose some of the detail in the painted version. Thankfully he didn't go with the fat monster hands on DP though lol. And I must admit, a Death Prophet dress would be pretty bad ass. Even people who don't know who she is have been requesting skulls on the wedding dress, haha. Thanks once again for all the well wishes and whatnot.
  7. A Dota Engagement

    Thanks again, everyone!
  8. A Dota Engagement

    Thanks guys! And yes, 100% nerds lol. Also just realized this should be A Dota Proposal, not engagement, but close enough!
  9. A Dota Engagement

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet (sans mushy gushy stuff), but I thought this was too good not to share. Rob and I have been dating for 2 years now, and our anniversary was this past Wednesday. That Wednesday happened to fall during our 4-day cruise to the Bahamas. I wasn't expecting a proposal, but knew it was a possibility. I just didn't think he'd be slick enough to keep me from figuring it out. *Cruise Selfie* Rob and I are huge Dota 2 fans and have played 1000+ hours together over the past year. So it was only fitting that when he did propose, he would use two of our favorite lords, Shadow Shaman and Death Prophet, to help him out. *I love that the artist did a more ladylike version of DP, with my fav DP hair of course* He commissioned this piece from a local artist (Mark Parris of Louisville, KY) and brought it with him on the cruise. On the last night, also our anniversary, we went to a quiet spot on the boat and he gave me this gift. I was a bit confused at first, not wanting to think into it too much and look like an idiot when it turned out to be just a cool painting and nothing else, haha. But then he got down on one knee, and boom, engaged. So I thought he deserved some praise for this cool idea and wanted to share it with others who might also appreciate it. Now to find a place to hang it...
  10. iOS Gaming

    Whoops, it's Sword & Poker 2 that runs fine. I did have some issues with Sword & Poker 1, but it definitely wasn't unplayable for me. Sometimes it would freeze at the end of a floor and I'd have to redo it. Annoying, but I was still able to get through it.
  11. iOS Gaming

    I play Sword & Poker on my 5S with iOS8 - works perfectly. ??
  12. Non-video games

    We did a D&D 5e encounter at GenCon and it was great. I have zero D&D experience, but the bf said he loved it. I believe he said it was similar to 3e as far as it being easier to die, which he is a big fan of. Maybe because he DMs and likes killing his friends? I dunno. Maybe I should be worried now...
  13. HOWL O'WEEN (Halloween)

    Top two reasons I'm glad I read this thread: 1. Learned that Costume Quest 2 is out!! 2. Was reminded of a movie I haven't seen since I was a kid and probably never knew the title of - The Worst Witch. Thank you, Idle Thumbs.
  14. DOTA 2

    Thanks for the Rektreational info!
  15. DOTA 2

    Are those posted somewhere? Or do you have to watch them live?