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  1. FTL

    I'm kind of creeped out. I have 67 hours played on this game. My wife has 31 hours on it. Haven't touched it in about a year or so and then feel the urge to boot it up last night. Today I check the forums and find not only this topic revived but there's a brand new expansion released today that I knew nothing about. I'm pretty sure the universe is a simulation directed by my sub-conscious.
  2. GDC '14: With Tom Francis

    My heart goes out to you guys. Just listened to the GDC episode today. It really is the worst. You could have spent that time playing DOTA instead!
  3. DOTA 2

    Ugh what an obtuse guild system. I have no way of finding the DOTATODA guild or having access to anything about it or who runs it so whoever that may be, assuming the guild is still active, can you invite me? Steam name is my username.
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I might get shot over this but I gave Spelunky a try and I just can find it to be enjoyable at all. I enjoy other rouge-likes but I get tired of them really fast when in order to get going within the game I have to read an entire wiki. I never did the daily challenge and perhaps the game is better in a single daily slice like that but I end up dying in the mines 90% of the times. Some people call it the thinking mans platformer but that idea doesn't mesh with something that is twich/reaction based. All the planning in the world won't help me when I mechanically fail to perform the right action and am instantly killed from it. I don't know a ton about it. I know there's some cup thing that collects blood which is how you restore health but the game hides all that information that is useful and instead gives you the painfully obvious information in the journal. Looking at the game I would think I'd enjoy it more but it feels like this. I get halfway up the curve but without a catalyst I lose my momentum and fall back away from enjoying the game. Maybe I'll find a catalyst one day but for now it just feels like the game is intentionally wasting my time.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Been listening to the podcast since the re-launch. Spend most of my day in AutoCAD so I have a lot of time for podcasts. I've gotten tired of a certain 'other' gaming forum that takes itself far too seriously when it's not desperately trying to circle jerk. Lately I've been getting hopelessly plateauing in DOTA. DOTA is amazing, DOTA is the absolute worst. I don't even play PvP matches because it's too much pressure, co-op vs bots all the way. I dig board games too. I have my first baby on it's way soon and I think the posters in here who sent the thumbs those gifts seem absolutely awesome.