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  1. Submitting Questions for the Q&A Show

    What do you thing is the best operational level (e.g. Conquest of the Aegean) game and why are there so few others out there?
  2. Interesting discussion. I think that the issue with the magic hills is that their importance is very situation dependent. For example it can be very important to hold this road junction, because, for a while it provides a critical connection between two major parts of your army. See the example of the defense of the intersection of the Orange Plank Road with Brock Road by the Vermont Brigade at the Battle of the Wilderness. This was so important at that specific time that this veteran brigade took 60% casualties to hold it against a very determined CS attack. A couple of days later, it was on the distant flank of the army and of no importance whatsoever. The use of the VP in a scenario of this action would be to indicate the importance of the location where the overall operational level of the battle that dictates the importance of that specific location cannot be displayed.