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  1. ... right, so this seems to have kind of died. And now I am sorta doing necro. But! I'm organizing a game of Dominions 4 (promo tweetering here) and anyone here who wants to get a game in would be welcome to join. So it's kinda on-topic! Turn time will be 3-4 days or so, mix of noobs and hardcore with vague attempt at distributing skill levels throughout the teams. PM me an email address to spam if interested.
  2. Episode 276: Functional Cogs Only

    @Monarchy Yeah, your hesitation is understandable; there have been a lot of high-profile project implosions lately. Holding off is a good idea until the game can prove itself to be at a place where you're comfortable. Price is a weird problem. Some devs have gone higher as a sort of "special backer" thing like GalCiv2, Planetary Annihilation, etc, many go lower. We didn't want to do some special elite thing and we didn't want people to buy the game before they would want to actually play the thing just because it would be cheaper, so we said, okay, just make it the final price. Is this a good strategy? I'm not sure, we don't have enough data. Maybe we will know after launch and after comparing notes with other developers. BTW our long "Development Progress" page is here: http://clockworkempires.com/development.html ; We should probably do a better job of featuring it prominently everywhere possible.
  3. Episode 276: Functional Cogs Only

    I'd totally play "XCom Chthulu: The Colony". Tangent: I went on a Xenonauts kick lately; the X-COM strategic model really does provoke a lot of very cool ideas for research via dissection / plundering of alien artifacts to kick off production of, ah, non-human assets. It seems like it should be fairly easy to do, famous last words. That said, in order to be responsible: we want to do stuff with research but we don't want to talk much about it ahead of time. First we build the base game, then we add more exotic sprinkles on top. (And oh, man, a narrator would indeed be brilliant. Didn't Dungeonkeeper do this back in the day? Though unfortunately it would take a lot of well-planned voicework - which I learned how to direct for the first time with that "Bureaucrat's Guide" trailer! - so yes, that'd be a rather lot of work I'm sorry to say. I will say that early on we did speculate wildly on what it would cost to get Christopher Lee to narrate just ten lines for us for 'act transitions'. "A lot", probably.) `
  4. FFA may indeed be the most straightforward to set up. In organizing Dominions games I've found I've just had to say "rules are X, Y, Z, confirm by this date, pretender in by that date, or we'll assume you're out". Also have had turn delays almost kill a couple games, so set a turn limit (of 3 days in our case) and if it's missed, that's life. (I think of it like the commander activation mechanic in AGEOD, but ahem.) Anyway, I'm up for anything!
  5. Haven't done it like that before for Dominions, but I've used Dropbox so I'm game. How does it work, everyone drops a .2h file in, host processes then drops back in the .trn files?
  6. Alright, go team! Oof, this is tough. But I I'll say Third Alliance and would prefer to play Yomi, I think, though could do Lanka in a pinch. I've got more experience with Lanka but am interested in trying out Yomi competitively. (Question- Are we allowed to privately plan out pretenders / dominion with our teammate beforehand?)
  7. If you're dying for another player then I volunteer! I shouldn't have more Dominions in my life but ... I want it.