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  1. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    God, if FKA Twigs doesn't win the Mercury prize then there is no justice in this world.
  2. Bedlam - A post apocalypse Banner Saga

    This looks just wonderful! I think "post-Moebius" is a great way to describe an aesthetic that I will always be 100% down with.
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Thom Yorke released an album via paid bittorrent today; it's available here. It's pretty incredible. Also, I'm interested to see if the distribution method catches on. Radiohead popularised pay-what-you-want downloads with In Rainbows and not having to pay hosting fees is certainly attractive.
  4. Destiny

    I beat my head against a Queen's Wrath mission solo last night & it was... kinda one of the most satisfying victories I've had since playing Dark Souls? All this post-lvl 20 stuff is super satisfying to me. Part of me resents the fact that the game expects its players to endure 10-12 hours of pretty trite stuff to get there but I think those hours of effort and observation are key to them being able to handle a complexity of encounter that's rewarding to work through at the endgame. The desperate improvisation it takes to get through a high level strike or boss encounter is the kind of thing that made me pour hours into Far Cry 2. So uh, I think maybe I like this game? I can't decide if the exclusion of new players from the stuff that I actually find fulfilling is smart game design or just lazy and dumb. I dunno, people have probably had this discussion much more eloquently already, since it's a design inherent to a lot of MMOs. Editor's note: I'm not sober right now.
  5. Destiny

    I've got a lvl 23 Warlock on 360; looking for people to do daily/weekly missions and maybe eventually the Vault of Glass with?? My gamertag is wildcougar166 (ill-advised to choose an online moniker at the age of 13). EDIT: frig, I thought this was the MP networking thread. My bad!
  6. Destiny

    Played a good few hours with a friend today; what a weird thing this game is. Like, I'm having fun but some of the design choices baffle me. The process of constantly jumping in and out of the same map while clearing missions has a weird disjointedness to it that makes me feel like I'm a particularly forgetful errand boy (which I debatably am but let's not get into that). The fact that all of the missions in a given area are connected to the same un-gated hub means that any given period of a few hours has no real logical, linear sense of progression, especially given that enemies of different levels tend to mix with one another in most areas. Also no moon gravity. Having said that, I've definitely enjoyed what I've played so far. It's a game in which I can be a blue alien space lady shooting glowy magic at wizards and knights on the moon so how could I not enjoy it.
  7. Who here likes video games?

    I think it's pretty perfect that "maybe" is currently the leading response.
  8. Did anyone else really love the choice of platform logos at the end of the trailer? I only just noticed.
  9. I just really enjoy the sorta blasé, knowingly ridiculous implication. Do Dumb Stuff with your actually Not Dumb art.
  10. Doesn't mean they can't still be in the same universe! The IGN article mentions the presence of a book by Terrence Greenbriar. Glorious.
  11. So uh, the presence of a book from Gone Home totally means that Firewatch takes place in the same universe as Bioshock and System Shock, right? Oh, video games.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Lotta love for all the stuff in the last few posts. They really take the material to a different place live. Would highly recommend checking this set out if you're a fan. Also, two new B sides from the Psychic sessions here. We may be due another solo record from Nico some time soon; he tweeted that he'd be playing mostly new material at one of his recent DJ sets. Super interested to hear what that'll be! Jeez, I kinda like those guys a lot huh.
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I love Jon Hopkins; got to see him live recently and it was incredible. There's nothing quite like Immunity, but definitely check out his previous album Insides. You might also like Jamie xx: And you'd probably also like Darkside, which is who I came in here to post about since they just announced their hiatus. Seeing them play was maaaaybe the purest hour and a half of joy I've ever experienced?? What a dork. Definitely a different flavour, but still very much ambient and electronic:
  14. Plug your shit

    This is suuuuuper intense. Piano playing is really great, and while the vocal doesn't really fit the backing you have a hell of a voice for hardcore punk, haha. I dropped in to plug my new track seeing as the last handful went down so well!! More of the ambient/downtempo housey stuff, found here. hugs n kisses xoxo
  15. The threat of Big Dog

    Scientists, why.