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  1. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    Some important nublar props!
  2. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    Here's some early progress on ol' Dodgson's shack/office! A lot of it is block-in/filler but I'm starting to move on to proper assets and I'll post them as I go. My personal goal for this project is to build a decent-looking environment entirely by myself, from scratch, using no pre-existing models or textures.
  3. There was another really obvious clue in my stream that nobody noticed.
  4. I was constantly trying to insinuate that I had spies in Sean's ranks in order to seed dissent and paranoia. There were no spies. There was no plan. How many of your followers did you end up shooting, Sean?
  5. Exactly. Also, I forgot to mention how disappointed I am with The City. I touched briefly on the mis-en-scene, but that isn't my only problem with it. In previous games, it felt like such a specific place, and I think a lot of this was down to its denizens' unique dialect - "Who's that taffin' around?" etc. That slang is now almost completely gone, and with it a lot of the Thief series' character. Incidental npcs now seem like mouthpieces for ham-fisted exposition, full of swearing. It's all very unsubtle. Actually, I think that might be my single biggest problem with it. The game's complete lack of subtlety. Although I am still weirdly excited to play more of it.
  6. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    I would also like to reiterate Sean's previous sentiment toward said person.
  7. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    The IP is