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  1. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    I'm not sure where I first found this video (it could have been on this site), but I do like this talk about game design. I went and checked out The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell right after watching this talk. (The book is also referenced by an audience member in the Gabe Newell talk above.) I like how the speaker uses Pac Man and other games to reference exactly what he is talking about with experience and flow.
  2. Unity Tutorials

    Being brand new to Unity/Programming/Game design, I have found pushypixels to be my favorite so far. I actually like that they make mistakes and aren't as prepared as they should be when making a tutorial because I get to see the thought process they go through when building a game. That being said, I'm sure that it will get old as my programming chops improve and I start to see the same stuff over and over again.
  3. Idle Thumbs 146: Osama's Dog

    I never have been on a treadmill while gaming; however, I used to balance on an indo board while playing. I got pretty good at balancing when playing really low key games, like Hexic HD. Anything else and my balance would be shot. This was about 10 years ago... I now play while on an elliptical. I can play games with a little more action than the indo board without falling over. The closest I've come to falling off the machine was during an intense section of Hotline Miami. Lately I've been playing Pixeljunk Shooter without a balance issue. The best part about it is that the time just melts away. If I'm not playing a game, 20 minutes feels like an eternity, but when playing, an hour will go by in what feels like 5 minutes.