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  1. Idle Thumbs 261: Unsubscribe

    I'm glad you like it, and also glad no one made one like this so you didn't waste your money on that (at best) mediocre game. Sure thing. I used to be part of the Night Attack Chatrealm (still <> for life, but I'm busy on Tuesday nights now) so quickly churning out photoshops and audio clips based on the "Wouldn't it be silly/cool/disgusting" things people say in podcasts became a bit of a hobby. Video is a new medium for me though, I just learned Premiere this year.
  2. Idle Thumbs 261: Unsubscribe

    I'm glad you liked it! There were maybe five or six places where I really wanted things to hit right: that bit at the end, and the spot where Garrett elbows the guard in the face were probably the scenes I tweaked the most. My favorite is the part, about 50 seconds in, where the music syncs up with the shots of the city. It fell that way naturally when I was testing out the idea on one of the online youtube mashup sites, and I actually had to shift some stuff at the beginning because after I took out the ESRB notification at the start it didn't work anymore. If Wizard Jam wasn't about to start I might have taken the time to tighten up the whole thing (particularly when Garrett is stealing the guards purses and there's the two stings just before), but I'm reasonably happy with this version. Maybe after WJ is over I can work on T:CE - Reformed Edition
  3. Idle Thumbs 261: Unsubscribe

    So, after the discussion of a Thief trailer, I thought "Hey! My favorite YouTube Cellists, 2Cellos (sorry, ThePianoGuys), definitely did a version of Smooth Criminal!" So I mashed it up with one of the trailers for Thief from 2014, and after a little futzing with timing and adding in some more clips from a different Thief trailer to pad out the bits where I cut out Garrett sinking particularly far into the uncanny valley, I think it's pretty good (for less than an hour's work).
  4. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    That zombie train idea sounds pretty boss kevin. Thanks for the offer! I think I should be able to handle most of the art on my current idea(an FF style RPG merged with a dating sim). The tricky bit will be: I'd like to do emotive character portraits for the dating sim parts (not like animated, but if you make Cleric unhappy their picture switches to one with a frown, etc.). I imagine I'll start with some sort of basic template for each character and shift pixels around for the various expressions. Thanks for the advice clyde I'll definitely focus on the basics first. What I'm picturing will essentially have two parts: 1. Low-rez Visual Novel - Text box on the left with current plot elements on top and and dialogue options underneath, NPC portrait on the right with smaller text box beneath for NPC dialogue. This will be the majority of the game, talking to people figuring out what they want and need; so, like a good psychopath, you can say the things they need to hear to make them do the things you want them to do. Movement, equipment, team organization, shops, all handled in this part. 2. Old school RPG - I picture a pretty much straight early Final Fantasy rip off. Slightly tilted side view, good guys on the right, bad guys on the left, front and back rows, shift character object forward one character width and rotate sword icon 60 degrees up and down is an attack, enemy flashes and a number pops up for damage. Menu at the bottom left with five options: Continue, Encourage, Use Potion, Flee, and Auto. Text box at the bottom right with HP and MP. If there's any sort of overworld map it will only be for reference, likely in the NPC Portrait window while in the Travel dialogue tree.
  5. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I can't wait to see some of the 3MA titles: Crusader Kings II, Company Of Heroes, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, etc. or Roguelikes. . . . ... or maybe Rogue(Likes) a dating sim meets Final Fantasy 1-4 where you are a Lady(or Lord) who hires a band of adventurers to take you on an escort mission, and you have to keep them all happy so they are effective in combat, which you have limited control over (Decide equipment, combat stances, and position before battle (making sure not to hurt anyone's feelings or sense of pride), 1x encounter give a bonus to ATK, DEF, or SPD, 1 x encounter use a potion). I'm liking this more and more. Would the AI for this be too complicated for a jam/my first game? In my head it doesn't seem like it: //Obviously not actual code. If Fighter's HAPPY is greater than 0 Continue, Else WEEP. If Fighter's TIRED is less than 0 continue, Else DROWZE. If Fighter's HP is less than X continue, Else ATTACK. If Fighter's h.Potion is greater than 0 continue, else DEFEND Use h.Potion If Wizard's CONFIDENCE is greater than 0 Continue, Else CHOKE. //and so on... Thoughts, suggestions?
  6. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I was considering Zombie Train Beyond Earth also, maybe I'll just make "Brad Muir" a monster hunting strategy game with tower defense elements. (Not gonna lie, that was meant to be a joke, but it sounds pretty cool, and WAY too complex for my first game). I was also looking at Change the name to Game (either some sort of word puzzle or a platformer that takes place entirely on the start screen), Functional Cogs Only (Puzzle platformer?), Black Maps and Motel Rooms (Wadjet Eye style adventure), and Teenage Zombie Insects (just a potential alternate title for ZTBE). My current plan is to go solo in GM with some help from Tom Francis' YouTube series and audio from Soundimage, but if someone with experience/artistic talent/motivation/the ability to stop playing freaking Marvel Puzzle Quest long enough to get some work done, just loves the idea of Brad Muir: The Video Game, let me know. EDIT: I was just looking at the DotA titles, and THE HOOVE OEUVRE, WITH GREG KASAVIN could be fun, but only if Greg was willing to do V/O. I picture a fighting game with various artists who happen to be ungulates, and Greg as Shao Khan style announcer. TEST YOUR ART!
  7. Idle Thumbs 145: Rich Uncle, Cool Uncle

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned in all of the Flappy Bird kerfuffle is the, possibly huge, negative economic implications for Nguyen. Everyone is looking at that $50k/day number from a western point of view, but Nguyen's situation is probably one we can't properly understand. For Nguyen's entire life Vietnam has been in this weird transitional phase economically: going from a communist system, to a market system, with the end goal of moving back toward a socialist system. The average annual wage for Vietnam is just over $2000. If the ad revenue numbers are right then this 29 year old guy who was raised as a socialist may become one of the wealthiest capitalists in the country. (Side note: The Vietnamese Dong converts to USD at a rate of 0.000047 so if the $50k number stays constant for more than a few months Mr. Nguyen will need to do his bookkeeping in exponential notation. ) Not to mention, the government of Vietnam's attitude towards economics isn't what you'd call laissez-faire, there are probably government officials coming to this dude's house. It might just be to congratulate him, but it's probably kind of intense. Vietnam's Vice Minister of Finance: Nguyen* Cong Nghiep looking "kind of intense". *More than 1/3 of Vietnamese people are named Nguyen, so they're probably not related.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    So, I'm going to be up-front about this, I am the worst kind of forum hermit; coming down out of the mountains every few years to dispense a single reply's worth of my opinion on some random topic before disappearing back into my cave. It is a chronic behavior that I recognize in myself, but seem unable to fix, in largest part, because my form post process goes something like this: Step 1. Think of a reply to thread. Step 2. Write reply to thread. Step 3. Edit, re-edit, and re-re-edit reply to thread over the course of several hours. Step 4*. Conclude that while the form is now exactly what I desire the content never had value to begin with. Step 5. Delete reply. Is it ridiculous? It is. Is it reflective of the overwhelming perfectionism that prevents you from creating anything tangible? What are you, the voice in my head? Yes. Oh. Right. So that's me. I'm 1DollarWilliam on Twitter. I created the portmanteau Awakalypse (əˈweɪkəlɪps) n. - The certainty that getting up in the morning is the end of the world. I'm designing some board games, and I have some video game ideas, but going digital is currently outside of my time budget. Hi, nice to meet you. *Step 4 (alternate). Interrupt step three by closing browser tab, having forgotten that I started a forum reply.